Tell us about yourself. Who is Tamara Takor?

Tamara Takor is a mother of 3, a wife for a whopping 6 months. I work as as Operations center manager for Home Depot/ Ive been in the customer service management industry for 10+ years. Which ties into my passion for developing and teaching others. I’ve been given the honor of leading a mentor program for teen girls; teaching them to know and love God.

Tell us about your journey. What is your story?

Ive struggled with weight my ENTIRE life. I was a chubby kid, a fat teenager and have grown into an obese adult. Ive tried every fad diet known to man, only to watch the weight creep back on over time. It wasn’t until I became sick of myself that I decided to make a lifestyle change instead,.

What made you get involved in the 2015 Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge this year? What are your goals?

I participated in the 2014 challenge and lost 23 lbs. I enjoyed the daily motivation and accountability of the other team members. I love the feeling of having others root for me when I’m too week to root for myself.

During this 2015 Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge you have been very interactive with others and participating. You posted an amazing blog. What impact does this challenge have on your life?

It is very therapeutic. I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t realize until sharing my story. I realized that there was a root cause to my overeating and why I found comfort in food. I had to deal with those issues in order to overcome my issues with overindulgence

We understand that you are a newlywed? How are you promoting a healthy lifestyle in your household as a family?

Yes, I have been married to a wonderful man for 6 months on June 30. My husbands family is Cameroonian so I’ve incorporated a lot of traditional dishes that consist of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. My husband is an avid soccer player as well. He and I work out together; it actually has strengthened our relationship.


What drives you? 

My children. I know that I must be very intentional about my behavior as they watch EVERY thing that I do. I want to teach them to live a healthy lifestyle so that they may teach their children.

In closing, what is your message for people reading this article who have their own health and fitness goals?

Know that you can do ALL things through Christ. Weight challenges are no different. Take it one minute, one hour and one day at a time. The best way to show that you love yourself is by taking care of your body.