Rocking my new look – Welcome to the Egg Heads ğŸ£

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Well the deed is done, my hair is no more, and I bloody love it! I would like to thank my lovely long suffering hairdresser Chrissie for making the whole process light hearted and fun! I secretly think that she may be happy to have a bit of respite from my mane! 💇 . Thankfully there were no hidden agendas hidden on my scalp, no 666, no dodgy warts making my head looking like a t*t! 🃏. I have a selection of scarves to experiment with, but at the moment face the real possibility that I may end up strangling myself in the process of learning to tie knots in them! Best get myself on you tube for a quick tutorial 💻. In the meantime I’m happy to embrace the egg head look 🍳.

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Despite looking one one step forward as a genuine leukemia patient, I’m still remaining well. No major side effects and it’s the last day of steroid mania for the foreseeable future. Whoopee sleep beckons 😵. My sister should be getting her results tomorrow to see if she is suitable as a donor – Exciting times, we are conquering this battle with ease and if she isn’t a match, no matter, plenty more options up our sleeves!

Rebecca Martin, Guest Writer, Heart London Magazine

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