Monthly Archives: October 2016

October 11

LONDON EVENTS – Travel Show, here come the girls!

Listen to tales from the highest peaks, the vastest oceans and forgotten lands in this awe inspiring kick-ass collection of all-female adventurers bought to you by the Adventure Travel Show 2017.  Laura Bingham – Overcoming obstacles on a bike 2016 saw Laura Bingham cross South America with only the equipment she could fit in her […]

October 11

LONDON EVENTS – Scoop your tickets to Ben & Jerry’s music and ice cream social

Ben & Jerry’s has teamed up with civil rights, anti-racism charity HOPE not hate and its Lewisham More In Common group, to whip up a music event with a sweet centre this month! One Sweet Social aims to bring the community together and celebrate everything that unites us, with the help of tantalising tastes and tunes. Hosted […]

October 11

LONDON EATERIES – Pivaz Offer an Authentic Slice of the Mediterranean to London’s Autumn

The benefits of a diet comprised of Mediterranean food are no secret and are widely reported to aid in lowering cholesterol, the chances of Heart Disease and Dementia. Rather than promising the effects of an extreme weight-loss regime, the incorporation of Mediterranean food into the diet potentially boosts wellbeing and fat control, via a range […]