LIFESTYLE -SXFI Air Gamer Headphones are a gamer’s dream come true

The SXFI Air Gamer Headphones are the ULTIMATE headphones, with its many features making it the number choice headphones for dedicated, committed and avid PC and Console gamers. This gaming headset covers just about every input combination imaginable, and can even play music without any connection at all, thanks to a MicroSD slot.

The SXFI Air Gamer is so versatile, allowing you to compete in a game without audio lag while connected via USB-C or Bluetooth, or stream videos wirelessly while on-the-go for up to 11 hours. Its built-in Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip allows you to experience the hyper-realistic soundstage of the Super X-Fi Headphone Holography, the Super X-Fi technology transforms your listening experience by delivering surround sound audio and you are provided with the opportunity to connect with your loved ones in a game with Gamerchat with both the discreet Nano Boom mic for on-the-go use and the pro grade Commander Mic with in Person Microphone Technology.

The SXFI Air Gamer benefits from Creative’s years of experience with Sound Blaster technology. This results in a headset that promises to deliver incredible sound, whatever the source.

The other highlight is Battle Mode. This is designed to help give you the edge in first-person shooters with accurate spatial audio that lets you hear enemy footsteps and pinpoint their location with ease. Alongside a virtual 7.1 surround sound, this Battle Mode offers a tuned sound that helps enhance your focus on important in-game sounds. It takes some getting used to and can seem quite hollow at first – but it really works to improve your gaming experience. 

The headphones’ oversized perforated leather ear pads allows for better breathability and better comfort whilst it stays on your head during an intense game for a long period of time.  A dream come true for a gamer, help a gamer lose themselves in their game, make their imagination go wild and be right there in the game! 

Available at UK Creative for £124.99