LIFESTYLE – Urbanista Athens your perfect work out buddy 

The Urbanista Athens earbuds are perfect for those who love sport, they are waterproof and created to withstand sweat so you can work out as hard as you need to without worrying about the earbuds being damaged. You can even swim with these bad boys in!

What stands them out from the crowd is the whopping 32 hours of playtime, the stylish case also gives 3 full charges – each lasting up to 8 hours making these buds your perfect work out buddy!

They come with three Silicone tips sizes, so you can look for the perfect fit for your ear and as one size doesn’t fit all you can find the size that is right for you keeping them firmly in place when you are on the move.

The Athens can be used with any device that supports Bluetooth 5 (or below) – so your smartphone (either iOS or Android), your laptop, a desktop PC with a Bluetooth dongle, and even some soundbars and streaming devices.

The sound is fantastic and crystal clear and we love the stylish case. A great pair of headphones for your daily work out!

Available from Urbanista for £119.00