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Heart London Magazine was created to help you get the most out of life and enjoy a slice of London Life.  We also share places to visit in Beautiful Britain for busy Londoners.

Many of our readers come from around the world, so as well as wonderful London we now share great places to visit, great places to stay, exciting places to eat at and fun things to do around the world.

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Cat is the founder and Editor of Heart London Magazine.  She has a positive outlook to life and loves the beautiful city of London, although she spends her time between sunny LA and London.  She brings you reviews of exciting products, tips on where to eat in London, fun trips away and exciting things for you to do in the wonderful city of London, as well as Europe and America!

Email: heartlondonmag@gmail.com

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Emma is a welcome addition to the #HeartLondonMagazine team, a natural social butterfly and is reviewtastic!  She attends events and reviews restaurants for your enjoyment (and maybe a little bit of hers).

Sarah is a journalism student who loves travelling and exploring new places. She enjoys trying new products, new foods, new experiences. She lives in America but is currently working in London. Sarah embraces her Colombian and Costa Rican culture and loves dancing! She is in her early 20’s, is very well rounded and will be reviewing just about anything.


Steph is well travelled, curious and honest news junkie writer, with a creative head and an intuitive heart. With a solid background in the wild world of premium Fashion and Lifestyle brands and event services she has managed to work and live in London, Madrid, Stockholm and Chile.

Pooja is an actress and a writer.  A mum of two young children aged and enjoy family based activities and holidays. I love trying new places to eat and love going anywhere that my kids will have a great time.
Sally is a mum-of-two and national newspaper and magazine journalist. Her speciality is lifestyle and she is mainly interested in children’s wear and all things kids! She also reviews theatre and restaurants and skincare products.

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Marie-Hélene has a French name and lives in Spain, but she’s a true Londoner at heart. She is a multi-lingual global nomad and our expert on all things Spain, and especially Ibiza, where she spends most of her time. She loves nothing more than sharing her opinion and correcting people’s spelling mistakes. When she’s not doing that, she works as a freelance copywriter and translator.


Fleur lives in Bristol, but is originally from the lovely island of St Lucia. She loves food from fine cuisine to street food, she enjoys trying foods from different cultures.

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Noelle is from the South of France. She is a music and food lover. Always happy to discover new bands and new places with good food.

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Lieke is one of our youngest writers, and originally comes from The Netherlands. She will give you the best tips on where to go, what to eat and what to do in both Holland and London!

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Bruce is a highly sought after marketeer and journalist/commentator. When it comes to products, events, productions or services being “on” brand or “off” brand, he knows. He’s traveled the world from Hawaii to Liechtenstein and has worked with major global companies and public figures.

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Suzanne is a seasoned world traveler and marketeer. Her travels have taken her all over the world including most of the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Cooke Islands, Fiji, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus..the list goes on. Now based in Los Angeles she is our US correspondent and an expert on the best places to visit in the US. Whether you holiday preference is ‘hot’ hotels, high dining, or simply hiking, her top tips will ensure you can create the best memories.

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Hannah is from Nashville, TN currently studying in London. She comes from a background of music and entertainment business with a passion to explore the world and share her experiences with you here on Heart London Magazine.

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Darren is an actor, filmmaker, journalist, entrepreneur and self-confessed Neophile. When he’s not doing one of the above, he’s happiest traveling the world having great experiences and hopes to inspire you to as well!

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Terry and Paul are two men who have travelled the world.  They love new adventures and give very honest reviews. Together they review events, restaurants and so much more.

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Martin is an actor, writer & director. He has written for print and TV over the years and is known for his acting work in British and American projects. He loves sports – from football to fencing! Delaney is an avid climber, enjoys running, travelling and skiing.


Savanah is a travel addict originally from South Africa who has lived in Australia for many years and is currently calling London home. She is constantly on the move, so expect to see a variety of reviews on the best restaurants, bars, products and hotels from all over London and the rest of Europe.

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Terry is a talent agent who has worked with many of the UK’s leading celebrity names. Musical theatre is his passion and for the past yearhe’s guest reviewed shows, both in the UK and New York for the Daily Mirror. (Sadly Terry passed away in 2021, he is sorely missed).

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Penny is a Doctor by day and reviewer by night, she loves to relax at country retreats after a hard weeks work in the hospital and share her experience with you.