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September 20

BEAUTY – A lunch-time face-lift: Harmony Clear Lift Laser

Thirty-something skin can be problematic. There are the lingering oily blemishes of yesteryear, the hint of laughter-lines and, dare I say it, crow’s feet, and an entirely new issue of open pores and uneven tone.  So what’s the answer?  The good news is that the non-surgical cosmetic treatment market is thriving, so you don’t have […]

August 24

LIFESTYLE – All the fun of the freshers’ fair!

CLEAN UP YOUR ACNE: Quite possibly the last thing you need as you make the acquaintance of your fellow freshers! Be prepared and zap that zit with Sebopure. New from UK acne brand Clarol, Sebopure works by keeping sebum production pure. Using a patented ingredient derived from wild mustard leaf oil it purifies sebum production, helping to keep pore blockages […]

August 23

Beauty-Natural Lip Colour from Living Nature

As an actress, I don’t always get to choose what make-up artists put on my face, but when I am in charge, Living Nature always makes the cut. After all we digest every lipstick we put onto our lips! This is why parabens and other toxins are not included in Living Nature products. I am […]

August 21

BEAUTY – Get perfect lashes right from your the comfort of your home

I damaged my lashes years ago from taking off false lashes and have been wearing strip lashes ever since. Although they look good, they are time-consuming to put on and now I have a baby, time really is of the essence.  I have been looking into getting individual lashes for a while, but didn’t really […]

August 14

BEAUTY – Soothe your feet while being socially responsible with Natural Siberica Soothing Foot Cream

In the midst of a big move, a hectic work schedule and kids, who has time to pamper oneself let alone our feet? This past winter hasn’t been kind to me but with sandal season here, I needed something that not only soothes my feet but I was also only interested in using an all […]

August 09

BEAUTY – Essential Summer Makeup

It’s that time of the year again – the days are longer and the weather is warmer because summer is here! Even though the British summer might be a bit of a let down this year, there is no reason to not pop on some bronzer and shades and pretend you’re on a nice tropical […]

June 26

BEAUTY – Gluten and cruelty free tinted lip balm

As an actress, and a beauty addict with coeliac disease, I am always on the hunt for gluten free products. But they usually look unappealing and do not make my heart skip a beat, let alone take over my make-up bag. But last week, whilst strolling around Primrose Hill with a cute dog in tow, […]