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June 19

BEAUTY – Make your lips pop without filler

If you want to make your lips pop like Kylie Jenner and cheekbones swell like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, but without resorting to fillers, or filters, then this cosmetic beauty treatment is just the trick for you. Slim your face with simple, yet effective, Botox injections in your jawline, like many celebrities, have been doing […]

June 18


      Impulse’s new body mists are the newest things that you MUST have. From it’s flavours ranging from Purple Petals and Smoky Sky, White Lace and Muddy Grass, Burnt Marshmallow and Leather Jacket and many more, it is a guaranteed fact that you will find one or more than one that you will […]

June 05


With summer fast approaching, we as women always want to keep the sweat to a minimum and don’t want a fragrance that feels sticky. We want something that doesn’t add to the heat but makes us smell divine for over 24 hours whether we are out with friends, family members or even on a romantic […]

May 17

BEAUTY – Why be 50 shades of grey, when you can be 50 shades of blonde?

Giannasso Hair and Beauty Salon “Why be 50 shades of grey, when you can be 50 shades of blonde?” asks colour maestro Sergio Giannasso. Indeed, I muse. Growing into your thirties gracefully can be a tricky journey when you’re continually bleaching your brunette locks with peroxide, chasing your tousled twenties. But, the fine line between blonde and […]

May 17

MUMMY ME TIME – Time saving beauty products

Having time for yourself when you have a little toddler charging around or a baby can be quite a challenge and for many beauty routines often slip. To help you out and give you some of that precious ‘Mummy Me Time’, we have found some fantastic time saving beauty products you will love. The Arm and […]

May 03

MUMMY ME TIME – Handbag size perfume

When are you are rushing to get the little ones ready before you head to work; getting them dressed, making their breakfast and getting ready yourself often means there isn’t always enough time for you.  So we have been on the hunt for some useful products that give you a little more time in the morning. […]

May 03

BEAUTY – Colorscience Sunforgettable Brush-On SPF 50 now available in the UK

Colorescience® the leading mineral cosmetics brand from the US launches into the UK, featuring one of Kim Kardashian’s favourite skincare products Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 50. Originally crafted for vulnerable post-procedure skin, Colorescience® health-forward formulas are trusted, recommended and personally used by thousands of physicians to provide confidence and reassurance to women of all ages, […]