BEAUTY – Stephen Handisides Ultimate Beauty Guide Magazine brilliantly combines all the elements of high-end health and beauty

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 15.13.33If you have ever had cosmetic surgery or are thinking of it, then you are fully aware that finding a reputable surgeon can be bit of a lottery.  Now I have had surgery, and am proud of it, and I found my surgeon by watching Sky Living TV’s, Extreme Makeover.  I figured that if the surgeon was on TV then he must be good and so fortunately for me it proved to be true.  But otherwise, unless you receive a recommendation, how do you know you are not exposing yourself to a cowboy cosmetic surgeon?  Even celebrities have been duped into disastrous procedures with scary face scaring results.    One is overwhelmed by magazine and internet advertisements promising aesthetic enhancing results.  So once again what do you do, where do you look, what do you choose?  Well here is the answer to all those questions: The Ultimate Beauty Guide.  Recently, Stephen Handisides launched this magazine that will address precisely the latest and pioneering work of cosmetic surgery.  It takes an in-depth look into a variety of procedure from the mild, such as Botox, to the full facelift, or cosmetic dentistry to nose reconstruction.  With cosmetic surgery on the up, a magazine such as this is not only relevant, but essential.  It will allow the reader to make informed decisions that will be life enhancing without increasing the risk of experiencing a life changing disfigurement.

The Ultimate Beauty Guide Launch PartyAs one of the guests at the celebrity launch party for The Ultimate Beauty Guide, I got to meet and talk to Stephen.   And my initial impressions were?  Well, yes obviously he looks fantastic and well groomed, but they were not his striking characteristics.  It was his warmth, and genuine interest in hearing what people had to say.  He has a credible persona that engages an audience, and that will transfer onto the page, and will capture the reader’s interest and make them feel confident in what he has to say.  The market is saturated with so many magazines that endeavour to sell a dream and full of implausible promises.   But I feel differently about this magazine.  I actually want to read it and know I won’t be lured into fallacy. One can be fake without being false!

For those seeking alternatives to cosmetic surgery, The Ultimate Beauty Guide provides extensive insight into non-invasive cosmetic procedures and anti-ageing products, and will examine their ingredients and effectiveness.  If it’s the current celebrity trends that the reader is pursuing, then this magazine is hot on the heels of the latest red carpet hairdos and makeovers.    To prepare for that special event, there is an entire section on how to obtain that desirable body through its fitness advice, and after the heavy partying follow its advice on relaxation and mediation.

This magazine brilliantly combines all elements of high-end health and beauty with credibility.  If you are at a loss where to go and what to do to achieve your aesthetic goals then this magazine is your answer.

By Darren Cheers – Guest writer for Heart London Magazine


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