The beautiful smell of a fresh cocktail – in a Kiss-Air candle

cocktail hour £8.50 EACH from

At the end of a hard days work nothing is more enticing that sitting down to a fresh peach bellini, a frozen margarita or even if you are feeling naughty a slice of chocolate cake.

The smell of fresh peach in a bellini and the lime in a fresh margarita are both enticing.   Heart London Magazine have discovered a way that you can enjoy the delicious smells of these drinks and chocolate without a single calorie or a hangover!

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Kiss-Air candles have invented innovative new candles infused with fabulous cocktail fragrances.  They are made of natural soy wax and come in a beautiful tin and come in a a collection of five cocktail inspired scents ~ pina coloda, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, peach bellini and frozen margarita.

These stunning candles not only create a beautiful smell in your home or office, they make great gift ideas as well. 

The large are £8.50 and the small £5 from

 Cat, Heart London Magazine

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