BONFIRE NIGHT – Beautiful fireworks extravaganza at East Village, London


Londoners invited to enjoy a pyrotechnic extravaganza from the creator behind the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and London’s NYE fireworks

– East Village Fireworks

– Date: Wednesday 5th November

– Time: 6 – 8.30pm

– Location: Victory Park, Celebration Avenue, East Village E20

– Attractions include: Fireworks display to music, a maze made up of 500 candles, street vans and a bar

– Admission: Free

November 5th, 2014: This Bonfire Night, East Village will be starting the evening with a bang by bringing residents and locals together for the inaugural East Village Fireworks display at Victory Park, Celebration Avenue, E20. On Wednesday 5th September from 6-8.30pm, the former Athletes’ Village will be putting on an explosive evening of fun, with an awe-inspiring fireworks display, a maze made of 500 candles and a beautiful architectural fountain display. 

Sparking the flame will be Darryl Fleming, the mastermind behind the fireworks displays of London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, ColorfulFireworks-1Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and the London 2012 Olympic Games and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies. Known as the first man to equal the amount of explosives taken into the Houses of Parliament as Guy Fawkes, Darryl’s ambitious and enthralling displays will be sure to light the fuse for a fantastic evening of Bonfire Night celebrations.

The fireworks spectacular will be brought to life with a musical accompaniment created by the team behind New Year’s Eve on the Thames and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. As well as the display, visitors to the celebrations will be able to enjoy extra attractions, including a 500 candle-lit maze from the creators behind the pyrotechnic displays of Glastonbury Festival, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Secret Garden Party. Hungry guests will be satiated with a variety of street vans and for those who fancy a warming tipple there will be a bar on site.

To reserve a free ticket please visit: 

UPDATE: Due to unprecedented demand, the organiser says this event has now reached capacity.