Refreshingly new and refreshingly tasty, Chatime teas

Chatime bubble tea have recently opened a new store in the heart of busy Soho and although the traditional drink has been around for many years, Chatime have added a welcome twist to this very tasty drink.  Heart London Magazine wanted to find out what all the fuss was about, so we tasted some of the different flavours on offer.

Chatime Lychee tea, with coconut jelly it totally refreshing.  This delicious tea, is perfect for a hot day or to refresh you after a gym workout.  The lychee gives is a delicate fruity taste, which is a perfect combination with the coconut jelly and traditional tea.

Chatime Milk Tea, with Pearls is our favourite.  This drink is perfect for those fans of milky tea, it is also very filling so great to drink if you are feeling a bit peckish.  We love the pearls, you can suck them up the wide straw and much them with the tea flavour.  This drink is tasty, filling and very moreish.

The Chatime Peach tea with Aloe Vera provides a lovely blend of peach, tea and aloe vera.  The pieces of Aloe Vera permeate beautifully into the peach.  This tea not only tantalises the tongue, but it is great for your skin as well!

Keeping with the fruity theme we also tried the Chatime Mango tea.  The wonderful blend of mango and tea, with the added texture of rainbow jelly provides a delicious drink with a twist.

Chatime bubble teas get a huge thumbs up from Heart London Magazine, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and it is exciting to enjoy the traditional tea with a welcome modern twist!

11 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JF