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Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 21.31.30Christmas is close and New Years eve is just around the corner, so the chances of you attending lots of fun parties is likely to of more than doubled.  I do not know a single girl who does not enjoy long beautiful and luscious eyelashes, no matter what the colour of your eye long lashes help bring out the sparkle and add an extra bit of glamour to any outfit.

I do not know a single girl who does not enjoy long beautiful and luscious eyelashes

However, if like me you have found the road to lovely long lashes not to be an as easy one, then I might have found a way to enhance your lashes without any damage.  I personally have tried fake lashes, but they are not easy to put on and have on more than one occasion inched off my eyelid and even on one occasion down my face!  I have also tried individual lashes, which look stunning, but if you do not have the time or the money to keep going back to the salon it is easy to end up with lop sided eyelashes!   You actually have to be very careful with these as if they are not taken off correctly they can pull out your eyelashes, which results in even less than you started with in the first place!

Sometimes beauty is not always simple and being glamorous can be quite a pain! However, just in time for the party season I have discovered two different lash enhancers which make your lashes thick and lovely, are easy to apply and do not cause any damage!  Hooray I think I heard you day, or maybe that was just me thinking out loud.

Magnifibres are brush on fibres are appliedScreen Shot 2014-11-11 at 21.34.30 on top of your mascara and after you add another layer of mascara.  The fibres easily enhance your natural lashes making them thicker and longer, then when you come home at the end of the night you can simply take them off with your make up.  Thus giving you a night of lovely lashes and no damage to your natural one’s.

Magnifibres cost £21 and are available Liberty of London and online:

LashFibres are another brand which do the same, they elongate your natural lashes through little fibres you brush onto your lashes after your mascara.  In fact if you fancy super glamorous lashes, then just add a few more fibres.

LashFibres cost £9.95 and are available in Superdrug nationwide and online:

Which you choose really just depends on your budget, as I found both to be great.  One thing is for sure, I won’t be buying anymore strip lashes as this really is the easiest safest way to enhance your natural lashes just in time for your next party!

Cat, Heart London Magazine

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