LONDON EATERIES – Naughty Shakes and (very) Nice Burgers at Haché

images-2Whatever the restaurant, the country, or the style of food, if there is a burger on the menu, I HAVE to try it out. So, when I was offered the chance to visit Haché, a restaurant who’s burgers have have won Time Out’s Best Burger in London award, I jumped at the chance.

Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness

In early December, we made our way out to their delightful Chelsea restaurant (if the SW10 postcode doesn’t suit you, they’ve got 3 other restaurants dotted around London).

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted and swiftly seated at a cosy table for 2. The decor of the restaurant was inviting, with a chic style, not overly feminine but not your typical bloke-y burger joint either so great for a meal with the girls, the guys, a date or with your family. 

Having a ganders at the drinks menu it had all the usual popular beers and wines as well as some cheeky additions such as the Craft Beers and Naughty Shakes (flavours include Boozy biscuit which contains Jack Daniels, and the Bill Bailey which has Tia Maria and Baileys in).

Photo: Paul Winch-Furness

Steak Canadian 

On the food menu there were a nice range of starters, we ordered the nachos to start, if I’m being honest they weren’t mind-blowing but hey- this isn’t what we were there for, the main act was the number one concern.

Seeing the two big, fat, juicy burgers making their way to our table was an exciting moment and the moment lasted until the plates were clear. Exquisite!

The meat was ‘mazing, the brioche bun was beautiful, and gerkhins we ordered as an accompaniment were great. I can highly recommend their Steak Louisiana burger, 100% prime hachéd 6oz Scotch steak topped with American crunchy peanut butter and mature Chedder cheese. Just thinking about it now I’m salivating. (Taste buds = blown)

There was also a good selection of sides on the menu; we chose the potato wedges, which were a rather large portion, an even more scrumptious for it.

Even though at this point I was comfortably full, we decided to entertain a Banoffee cheesecake for dessert (we all know there’s always room for dessert- it’s like a different stomach or something), this yummy pudding defeated me with it’s flavour, size and sheer amazingness.

To ease the stomach the prices were amazing, giving great value for money in its lovely location. 

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I haven’t been to a restaurant for a while that’s left such a lasting impression and cannot wait to return to Haché; did I mention they have 4 restaurants around London?! So whatever borough I’m in I won’t be far from getting my next Haché burger fix.

Haché have restaurants in Camden, Chelsea, Clapham and Shoreditch.

Heart London 5 Star Rating

Service 5

Décor 5

Food 5

Drink 5

Atmosphere 5

Alana, Heart London Magazine