LONDON EVENTS – The Lamb Tavern celebrates St George’s Day with horse delivered beer!

St Georges4Historic Leadenhall market pub, The Lamb Tavern, will trot back in time to celebrate St George’s Day on April 23rd by having its beer delivered by traditional dray horses at 1pm.

Young’s & Co, who own the pub, transported their pints by pony for over 150 years before engine power took over, meaning this will be a rare opportunity to see a snapshot of hooved-history. It was estimated in 1893 there were 300,000 horses working in London to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

Along with this historic event traditional Morris Dancers will also be performing in front of the pub at 11:30am and 1:30pm, followed by live entertainment at 6pm from band Party Down ensuring the festivities go on into the night.

A Pop-Up bar will serve pints of Young’s Bitter, Bombardier and Young’s London Stout for two-pounds all day along with a range of cask ales.

This St George’s, canter into the past and see the historic dray horse delivery at The Lamb Tavern.

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