LONDON EATERIES – Back to school dinners

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Fun-loving foodies are about to get their very own slice of the school in the retro, vintage and super-cool shape of London’s latest pop-up from The Art of Dining. It’s time to sit down and be on your best behaviour for The After School Club – a pop up dining experience serving 5 courses of posh school dinners at the Round Chapel Old School Rooms in Clapton. So prepare for an evening of mouth-watering dishes with a side of theatre, music and don’t forget the milk monitors!

Set designer Alice Hodge will transport you back in time to a retro dining hall whist the Chef will whip up tasty school dinners like you’ve never seen them before. Moro trained chef Ellen Parr has devised a creative 5 course menu of gourmet dishes based on the concept of school dinners… here is a taster of what to come: Alphabet spaghetti will be served with a summer squash and parmesan broth with sage and walnut pesto. The Shepherd’s pie course will be a particularly tasty walnut and pomegranate braised lamb version served alongside wilted spinach and a pine nut and anchovy dressing. For a sweet finish there will be a cardamom and sour cherry spotted dick with pistachio custard and charred peaches.

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The Round Chapel Old School Rooms will be transformed back to their former glory and fully equipped with black boards on walls, tables you can draw on and globes. On top of this everyone will receive a pencil case containing their cutlery, a school tie (and a cocktail!) when they arrive and enclosed in a printed homework book is the menu, immersive activities and don’t forget the homework! Prizes, gold stars and punishments will all be given out throughout the evening by a particularly strict (yet highly entertaining!) headmistress and her team of loyal prefects. So pack your books, press your uniform and head over to Hackney for a brilliant evening of mouth-watering food and interactive entertainment.

Ellen Parr’s food is influenced by the Middle East, Spain and most lately South East Asia. Ellen has just come back from a cooking research trip to India and it doesn’t stop there: she would do a PhD on the magic of chilli sauce if she wasn’t so busy creating fun experimental dishes. She met art collector and self-proclaimed tat hoarder Alice Hodge whilst they were both at university in Glasgow. Alice goes dotty for interactive elements and has been awarded an A+ for her attention to detail. Together they create captivating and original supper clubs – previous themes include Gone Camping, Hackney-on-Sea and A Night with the Mistress (oops).

So pack your books, press your uniform and head over to the Clapton Park Round Chapel, just a short walk from Hackney Central. Hope you have done your homework..


When: 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st July / 1st August

Time: 7.30pm – 11pm

Where: The Round Chapel Old School Rooms.Clapton.London E5 0PU

Who: The Art of Dining – by pop-up dinner experience experts Ellen Parr and Alice Hodge

Tickets: £55 per person

Ticket price includes food, a cocktail, an art class and compulsory good behaviour!