Luscious Locks with Effortless Extensions and Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon

I have never been the person that is blessed with thick hair, my hair always seemed dull and lifeless and with the summer coming I felt I needed some change. With the help of Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon and Effortless Extensions I got the hairdo I always dreamt of.

Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 16.23.04But first my hair had to be prepped for these luscious locks.At Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon I got the VIP treatment my hair was waiting for, after consulting with an expert I decided I wanted to go lighter to get ready for the summer. I got treated by Ms. Karine herself and she cut my hair just the way I envisioned it. The salon was pretty, the service was amazing and the end result was astonishing. After my wonderful experience at the salon the time had finally come; I could try my new extensions!


Although the extensions did feel heavy on the head in the beginning, I completely and utterly love my new hairstyle. My hair got longer and thicker in just a few minutes. I just had to slip these extensions over my hair as if I was slipping on my favourite pair of jeans.

These extensions added 16inches to my hair and were super easy to apply, I just put it on, took out a piece of my hair to cover the string and Voilà! I had a new hairdo, and it didn’t even stop there. These bad boys can handle up to 250 degrees Celsius and can be worn in many different styles, like French or fish braids.

Personally I love my new hair do, and here you can my hair before and after:
Screen shot 2015-07-13 at 16.23.32

And the brunette version:


Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon:

Effortless Extensions:

 Lieke, Writer, Heart London Magazine