LONDON EATERIES – Authentic British sandwiches ‘by-the-inch’ with a twist at Street Kitchen on Broadgate Circle

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If you either want a delicious breakfast, healthy lunch or quick dinner, Street Kitchen on Broadgate Circle has something for all. With all ingredients from British grounds, this authentic take-away restaurant offers sandwiches and salads from humane and sustainable elements.

When I visited for my dinner for the evening, I didn’t expect my taste buds to be blown away. Street Kitchen offers traditional sandwiches, like salmon, beef and vegetarian, with untraditional combinations that left me longing for more.

Although the restaurant was very quiet that evening, the atmosphere was relaxing and the staff was very attentive and friendly. I was ensured that during daytime the place was packed; which I can imagine with the businesses around and people looking for a quick, healthy and incredibly tasty breakfast or lunch.

I got to try several sandwiches and a salad box, each sandwich more ridiculously delicious than the other. First I got to try the Chicken Sandwich, served with pickled onions, tomato and their special mayonnaise sauce. It was as if my mouth was always waiting to have tasted this delightful piece of food.

The next one up was the Beef Sandwich, made with rare beef, caramelized onion, pickled cucumber, horseradish, watercress and served ‘by-the-inch’. This was definitely my favourite of everything I tried at Street Kitchen. The combination of ingredients was astonishing, and I loved every single bite of this winner-sandwich.

After a small break I was already excited about the next one, this time a sandwich and salad box, with salmon straight from Scotland. Both had a distinctive sauce made with dill, it was the best part of the whole meal.

The last sandwich I got to eat was another ‘by-the-inch’ sandwich, meaning they are sold by the inch. Logical right? This one was made with broccoli, free range eggs, smokey musterd mayo and pickles. Although this was my least favourite of the bunch, it was still a heavenly sandwich.

After trying all those sandwiches, I was sad that I was already full, because Street Kitchen has many more choices, and I wanted to try them all. Unfortunately my stomach didn’t agree with that and it was time to leave. But I will definitely be going back to this place with their satisfying, titillating and tasteful menu.



Heart London 5* Rating:

Food: 5

Drinks: 4

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 3

Décor: 5


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Lieke, Writer, Heart London Magazine