LONDON EATERIES – Yes yes yes, Marmite opens the world’s first ‘pay-by-sentiment’ café

Marmite  Marmite pop up Love cafe in Soho, London. July 22 2015.

Marmite pop up Love cafe in Soho, London. July 22 2015.

What: Marmite Love Café – the world’s first ‘pay-by-sentiment’ café

When: Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th August 2015

Where: Soho Grind – 19 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1F 9RP


This summer, Marmite is teaming up with Soho Grind to launch the Marmite Love Café – a completely unique offering where customers’ mood determines the price of their food. Always one to divide the nation, Marmite will offer visitors an original way to pay, where the price of their order is based on the amount of love or hate they spread across social media.

In-keeping with the latest wave of innovative payment methods and concept cafés, Marmite is introducing its very own offering. On arrival, customers will place their order and input their Twitter handle into a social media-powered ‘love-o-meter’. This will measure whether the customer is a ‘lover’ or a ‘hater’, based entirely on their social sentiment. ‘Lovers’ will receive their order – a choice of Marmite on toast or Marmite and cheese toasties accompanied by a Soho grind coffee – for free, whilst ‘haters’ will pay normal price.

The one-of-a-kind pop-up café will celebrate the launch of Marmite’s new variant, ‘Marmite Summer’ – a lighter tasting, 100% lager yeast summer blend. The limited edition spread will be available in two different jars that embody the themes of ‘Summer of Love’ and ‘Summer of Hate’. 

The Marmite Love Café will offer the perfect chance for customers to try the new variant, as it serves up Marmite Summer on toast and Marmite Summer and cheese toasties. The interior of the café will even reflect the psychedelic design of the new jars, which takes inspiration from Woodstock and 1967’s ‘summer of love’.

Channeling love, peace and hippy vibes, the Marmite Love Café will provide the perfect environment for haters to become lovers!