BEAUTY – Easy and on-the-go manicures and pedicures from ManiBreak

If you’re at home or in the office, ManiBreak offers onsite manicures for the busy ladies. This on-the-go service offers great quality nails and are able to come right at your lunch break. No more chipped polish or dirty nails and no more excuses, you’re nails will always be fabulous!

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After this wonderful company contacted us, we had to try their services in the office. They specialize in on-site manicures and came straight to our office to do so. I personally loved having a little break from my daily routines to get pampered and getting my nails done, after which I went straight back to work. No more traveling and rescheduling appointments, these lovely ladies come to you!

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The service was quick and easy, but giving beautiful results. Although the choice in colours was limited, the colours she did have were stunning. I went for a dark purple/brown shade that I immediately fell in love with. The nail polish was put on very well, no rough edges and aligned with my nails. The lady who helped us was friendly, did not interrupt the rest of the office and was quick but efficient.

I can definitely recommend the services of ManiBreak, as they are easy for the working ladies and perfect for our busy schedules.

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Lieke, Writer Heart London Magazine