LONDON EVENTS – Can tea week be cool?


Tea week will soon be upon us and while that may bring a smile to some, it is likely that many under 30’s won’t be jumping for joy. But wait a minute before you stop reading as Oblique London, the company who bring you amazing events and a new kind of lifestyle membership have just made tea week cool!

Who are Oblique? Two brothers who came together to bring you The Oblique Life, the first membership of its kind, creating unique social hubs across London’s coolest and most vibrant spots for the Oblique Community. It simultaneously caters to Londoners’ desires to have access to a special and more personalised experience at some of London’s trendiest and most authentic venues.


Many of their events are free and we experienced one that certainly made us smile, friendly people, an amazing venue and tea, well outstanding tea cocktails to be exact. Oblique have partnered with the London Tea Club and Opium to bring you a different kind of tea week that will ensure tea week (10th -16th August) won’t have you running for the hills. Instead run to China Town to a quirky and cool venue that is certainly a hidden gem. The entrance is easy to pass as it is a single door on a busy street and as you ascend the staircase, you can’t help wonder where you are going. However, as you reach the top a Chinese oasis opens up and amazing cocktails await.


The Iron Goddess tea on its own is light and refreshing, but made into a cocktail it is simply amazing. My favourite was the White Peony, a fresh tequila cocktail with a classic taste of Peony tea. Who knew tea could taste so good?

Traditionalists will also be able to enjoy a range of warming delicacies provided by London Tea club; an ornate selection of Chinese teas curated especially, including Lapsang Souchong, Goji Berry & Chrysanthemum and Iron Goddess of Mercy. Each will be decorated with a plethora of flavours, from longan fruits and flower infusions to the darker, more pungent tones of smoke and whiskey.

Opium is a hidden gem right in the heart of China town. It is an authentic bar that plays wonderful Jazz music and ensures you feel as if you have stepped into a bar in China.

Head to Opium where you will be sure to remember and enjoy exclusive cocktails infused with a rich selection of Chinese teas throughout Afternoon during Tea Week (August 10th – 16 2015).

If tea week is anything to go by then head to Oblique events as fast as you can, where you will be sure to find a friendly atmosphere, amazing drinks and London at it’s best!

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