LONDON EVENTS – Allez! The Chambord Chapter Eight Games will not play itself

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Chambord celebrates 150 years of Alice in Wonderland with an imaginative pop up bar, complete with a croquet lawn

The Queen of Hearts enjoyed playing croquet with flamingos. Wise Queen.

It is a fact, flamingos are the birds of the season, and Chambord’s charismatic muse for the most curious and eclectic pop-up event of the summer. Gather your companions and head to the Chambord Chapter Eight Games, which will be in full swing from 10-13th September 2015 on top of the Hothouse Building with the all-new in-house bar and roof terrace, Proof.

Find the special door and emerge into a world of curious delights including a Chambord bar serving curious cocktails, chic food vendors and of course, flamingo croquet . Hit, roll and nudge your way around our bespoke Chambord croquet lawn with your friends and uncover surprises from the intriguing eighth chapter of Alice in Wonderland. Why play flamingo croquet? Because No Reason.

All the while you can sip on a specially created Chapter Eight Cocktail with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, which perfectly compliment the fanciful French food. Clink Clink!

So come up to the roof. Pick up a magnificent mallet and have a go while you enjoy a complimentary Chambord Royale cocktail.

If you do not fancy yourself as a croquet grand master, do not worry. You can still join us on the roof for some intriguing cocktails and delightful food. Très Bien!

Chambord Chapter Eight Games

Field Works
Martello Street
E8 3QW

Dates: 10-13th September 2015

Opening hours:
6-10pm Thursday/Friday
1-10pm Saturday/Sunday

It will be a ticketed event (£5.00) for those looking to work their way round the flamingo croquet maze and free for anyone who wants to come and experience the wonders of the rooftop.

Chambord Chapter Eight Games croquet tickets available from: