DRINK – Tasty and fruity teas, with no added sugar!


We love healthy drinks at Heart London Magazine and as much as we all know that water is good for us, let’s be honest it does get a little boring! We recently discovered The Berry Company range of fruity teas, not only are we glad we did – we think you will be too!

The Berry Company White Tea with Peach, this tea is refreshing and with each sip you almost feel as if you are eating a juicy peach! The tea is not overpowering and the fruit balance is perfect, so if you are not a lover of strong tea – this one is for you!

The Berry Company Black Tea with Elderflower packs a perfect tea punch, perfect for those who like a delicious strong cup of tea and the elderflower compliments the tea well. This tea isn’t sweet and like all of the tea range, it is gluten free and there is no added sugar!

The Berry Company Yellow Tea with Coconut has a subtle taste, you can lightly taste the coconut and the tea is not too strong.  Perfect for those who like a hint or tea and drink that isn’t too fruity!

Our absolute favourite is the The Berry Company White Tea with Peach, which we could drink until the cows come home!