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images-2-1-1Have you ever booked a hotel online and arrived to find it looks nothing like the photos or in a really bad area, I know I have, I even booked one for my aunt and mother that ended up being in a red light district! Rent Paris have created a service that is much more than just a hotel or apartment booking service, you can rest assured that the hotel or apartment looks exactly like the photos and has been handpicked by Parisians themselves. Paris is just a short two hours from London and the Eurostar is not only much more convenient than flying, the service is excellent too!

Rent Paris have created a service that is much more than just a hotel or apartment booking service.

Visiting somewhere new is an exciting experience, but finding the best places to visit can’t always be relied on through a guidebook. The old adage of ‘visiting a new place with a local’ always rings true, but what if you don’t know anyone in Paris and are not sure who to ask? Rent Paris is much more than a booking service, not only do they take the time to meet you at your apartment, they take the time to ask you about your interests and suggest exciting things to do that are exactly to your taste. I am a lover of photography and on hearing that Fabrice from Rent Paris was able to suggest a photographer in Paris, who runs photo city tours and that was music to my ears!

Photography tour in Paris, Gerson Lirio 06 86 52 03 39

The apartment we chose was magical, stepping off a typical Parisian street and through wooden doors, a beautiful hidden building appeared, stood on cobbled stones and in past years it housed Marie Antionette’s horses. Inside the tall ceilings and beautiful décor was more than inviting. Every detail had been well thought out, from a washing machine with washing powder, to mini speakers for your computer or phone. The bathroom was a light grey stone and in the main room the ceiling was adorned with a stunning chandelier. They provided a phone that allows you to make complimentary calls to French and American numbers.

The apartment we chose was magical.

Our beautiful apartment in Paris, Marais Beaubourg Braque

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They have 1500 carefully selected hotels in their portfolio and 70 apartments from contemporary to typical French and all are in the 3rd and 4th district (right in the centre of Paris).  From March 2016, they will have a house available with 6 rooms in the Bastille area. My apartment was beautiful and great value at only 135 Euros a night. The concierge service Rent Paris provide is ideal, they can book a taxi for you, book a restaurant and even help you get tickets for a sold out event. The service from start to finish is nothing short of excellent.

The service from start to finish is nothing short of excellent.

Where Rent Paris stands out is not just the personal touch, but little things that you would never even consider – even complimentary wifi not just in the apartment, but all over Paris! Knowing where to eat in a strange city can also be a bit of a needle in a haystack, but Rent Paris have created a Restaurant guide with recommendations in every area of town.

Opéra Marigny Hotel – around 99 Euros per night

Screenshot 2015-11-18 21.49.51


Atelier Montparnasse Hôtel – around 75 Euros a night

Screenshot 2015-11-18 21.54.27


Sublim Eiffel – around 98 Euros a night

Screenshot 2015-11-18 21.56.38

Paris is a magical city from the beautiful buildings to the rich history, delicious food and the people themselves, most speak English and are very friendly. If you haven’t been before or would like to go again, we recommend booking through Rent Paris. You are sure to find a stunning hotel or apartment, which has already been vetted for you. You will walk into a beautiful place that looks just like the photo you admired and is everything you have dreamt of, even if you travel alone you have the helping hand of the Rent Paris concierge. They even hold mixers in high season, so you can meet other travellers over a tipple. We can’t wait to visit the romantic city of Paris again and will be using Rent Paris when we do, we highly recommend you do the same!


Heart London 5 Star Review:

Service 5

Bedroom 5

Location 5

Bathroom 5

Kitchen 5

Facilities 5

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