Mirror, mirror on the wall, which tyre is the best of them all?

Heart London went on a little press trip to Bridgestone’s game-changing tyre launch in Monaco. Tyres you say? Those boring rubber things under your car??

As a young woman, tyres are one of the last things I think about or find that important, as long as it does it’s job, it’s fine by me. Therefore, I never expected to have my mind completely changed about the rubber around our wheels and certainly did expect myself to come back with urge to go do some tyre shopping.

Bridgestone is the world’s biggest tyre manufacturer and is well known for their leading automotive technology. Their corporate philosophy is ‘serving society with superior quality’, which was exactly how the company treated the press during the trip. Bridgestone took care of us as their guest from the moment we landed. We’ve been spoiled with luxurious hotels, beautiful sights, unique venues and the kindest staff. The last one was what impressed me the most by Bridgestone. The staff, who guided us and kept us company during the whole trip, where amazing. They treated us with great care, and this was all even before we had seen anything related to the product launch.

The press launch itself opened with subtle special effects combined with an impressive dance act. Definitely not the type of product presentation you usually would fall in sleep during!

I must admit, to my surprise, the tyre, the ‘Bridgestone DriveGuard’, is actually quite impressive. But first, let’s get some actual interesting facts straight about tyres in general;

  • 23% of punctures occur after nightfall
  • More than 50% happen in inconvenient locations
  • 72% of woman don’t change their own tyre
  • More than 80% of drivers are worried about safety after a puncture

First thing what came to my mind when finding out about these percentages, was the fact that a flat tyre could happen to everyone, including me. Considering how ‘lucky’ I am in general when it comes to this type of situations, especially as I am one of those 72% of woman who has no idea how to change a tyre, a flat tyre is something I would like to definitely prevent. The DriveGuard tyre as a cooling fin design and reinforced sidewalls which allows you to maintain control and safely continue driving for 80km at up to km/h after any tyre damage. This means you won’t have to stress about what to do when you have a flat tyre, you can keep driving to where you need to go. Not only will you be at ease but your loved ones won’t have to worry about you being stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

The Bridgestone DriveGuard is designed for all passenger cars and can be found on their website (http://www.bridgestonetire.com/tire-brand/driveguard).