February 26

Tower of London View at Brasserie Blanc

Where can you find a cosy home feeling while you eat an elegant French meal? Brasserie Blanc just opened up its new location in Tower Hill and I had the pleasure of experiencing this chain of French cuisine.

As soon as I sat down at a window booth, the hustle and bustle of London fades away and all you can see is the shining Tower Bridge right beyond the Tower of London. There were photographs and paintings hung on the walls along with Raymond Blanc’s cookbook Kew On A Plate placed along the window edges. These tiny personal touches will quickly enveloped me in Brasserie Blanc’s welcoming arms and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

The servers tended to our every need and assisted us with their deliciously extensive menu. I started off with a light and tasteful Rainbow Beetroot Salad as my entree. The deep fried bits of goat cheese lent itself perfectly to the beetroot. I shared a Tropical Sauvignon Blanc, with my friend—a shameless wino—who quickly raved about the bottle.

For my plat I chose the Shetland Isles Salmon Fillet. What I have noticed after living here from America is that the portion sizes are the perfect amount of food here in England, and I especially took note of that in this petite French restaurant. I am particularly picky when it comes to fish but this salmon fillet was the perfect size and deliciously cooked with a tomato and tarragon butter sauce that did a splendid job of complimenting the dish. Additionally, there was a side of mashed potatoes, making the plat feel elegant yet simple.

We decided to end our experience by sharing two different desserts: the toffee special and the Mirroir Cassis. The Toffee special was similar to a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. Sweet, simple and exactly what I was hoping for. To be honest, I have not tried blackcurrants until trying the Mirroir Cassis but now I can safely say that I understand why so many people rave about it. The marinated blackcurrants and mousse gave a nice fruity fragment after the sweet caramelized toffee special. 

The entire experience engulfed us in the comfort of home yet transported us to the chic trends of France cuisine.


Decor: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Drinks: 4

Atmosphere: 5

Heart London Writer Hannah Moy