BEAUTY – The top 5 at home DIY Beauty Tips

If you’re short of time, and yearning for a salon professional finish in the comfort of your own home, we have the answer…


Swap your regular Dermatologist appointment with LQ Advanced Skin Care. Helping to tackle outbreaks of acne and psoriasis, and developed by health and nutrition experts and backed by clinical trials, LQ Advanced Skin Care (£29.95 x 10 bottles) is on sale now in Boots and The unique complex is being heralded as the first skin health supplement to control the uncomfortable skin flare-ups long-term acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems cause. In user trials it has delivered outstanding results, dramatically improving skin conditions and without the side effects associated with some prescribed strong medication. Treating the skin from within leaving it healthier, smoother and more hydrated and makes problem skin a thing of the past.

BOU143832 - Body Scrub - Wild Fig & Pink Cedar

No time to have your usual full body exfoliation? Get skin prepped and polished with the help of Grace Cole’s luxurious Wild Fig and Pink Cedar Body Scrub (£5 This scrub is perfect for everyday use and benefits from extracts of honey, chamomile and pink peony. Its light and moisturising formula will gently remove dead skin cells, and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

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We have been hearing for a while now about the long list of health and beauty benefits that come along with Coconut Oil. Cooking with it, using it as a moisturiser, it can whiten your teeth and even improve brain function! However no one has been able to adapt this magical elixir into one of the beauty industry’s most coveted products, self tan – well not until now! Fake Bake launch their Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face and Body. This beauty and bronzing hybrid, which is part of the Fake Bake ‘Flawless’ family works to deliver a luxurious golden tan, while keeping your skin hydrated. Quick drying and ready to wash off in 4-6 hours, this is an easy alternative to a salon spray tan. Packed with carefully selected ingredients, this fast drying, refreshing and moisturising serum will change the way you tan forever.“Coconut oil is an amazing natural source of moisturisation, with a whole list of skincare benefits including; anti-ageing, repairing and skin smoothing. It is however notoriously difficult to blend with DHA, but with our amazing team in our own award-winning lab, we are proud to confirm our secret blend can now be revealed and revered”, said Sandra Vaughan, Global Beauty Consultant & CEO, Fake Bake.

Picture 1872

Picture 1872

In an age when it’s estimated that thousands of Britons are shelling out a small fortune every year to achieve perfectly straight white teeth, the so-called ‘status smile’ – once something only seen in the mouths of Hollywood stars – continues to gather pace in the UK. But with most power teeth whitening treatments at dentists’ surgeries taking between 30 minutes to one hour and costing anywhere between £300 and £700, Instant Whites™ is a huge leap forward in the teeth-whitening world and ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or funds to visit a dentist for professional treatments. Bringing credible and clinically proven teeth whitening solutions within everyone’s reach, the seven-day kit costs just (£29.99 and delivers comparable results to professional treatments in the fastest and safety way possible. The portable kit can be used at home or easily transported wherever you go and promises none of the tooth or gum sensitivity that can be a common and unwanted side effect of other DIY whitening treatments.

Invogue Semi Perm Mascara

Invogue have created a new beauty range for women everywhere! The Semi Permanent Mascara slowly strengthens fine hairs and promotes the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, whilst creating an instantly fuller look. This wonder product has been formulated to provide simple and straight forward semi-permanent colouring to the eyebrows and eyelashes without the fuss, or expensive salon price tag. Easy to use, this mascara requires no mixing and creates no mess, just brush it on and you’re ready to go. Not only will you look amazing, this product has no nasty chemicals that can be damaging to the skin. The formulation is waterproof and made to last, it curls lashes and adds rich lasting colour. The smudge proof mascara creates thick, full lashes for days at a time, giving you that extra 5 minutes in bed.