LONDON EVENTS – The BLOCH Dance World Cup launches in London


Kimberly Wyatt, BLOCH Dance World Chairman John Grimshaw and Bonnie Lythgoe. Photo Credit – Phil Lewis

As part of one of the biggest-selling girl groups of all time – The Pussycat Dolls – Kimberly Wyatt displayed her incredible talent as a dancer. Now she is hosting the 2016 BLOCH Dance World Cup launch.  Supporting the launch in Covent Garden were Bonnie Lythgoe, TOWIE stars Jon and Chris Clark, Model Pascal Kraymer, Interior Designer and Apprentice star Ella Jade, Magician Jasz Vegas and four beautiful young ballerinas form the England team.

Under Chairman John Grimshaw, the competition has continued to grow in size, including thousands of entrants from all over the world aged between 4 and 25. The Dance World Cup was formed in 2004 and is open to anyone attending a non-state run dance school, performing in a range of dance genres.

Along with a number of other well-known judges, Kimberly Wyatt, will be in attendance at the world finals, this year held in Jersey from 25th June – 2nd July. However, beforehand, she is hosting the exciting launch of the 2016 BLOCH Dance World Cup, called “the best quality children and youths dance competition in the world”, with support from other celebrity guests including former dancer Bonnie Lythgoe. Judges for the competition include Paddy Hurling, Pineapple Jazz choreographer Dollie Henry, Billy Elliot choreographer Nikki Belsher, International Dancer Nina Kripas, Marco Aurelio, Luca Tozzi, Alexandru  Fotescu, Monica Albert, Jennifer Haley, dance adjudicator Karen Collings and Alberto Franceschini.

The launch of the BLOCH Dance World Cup 2016 took place on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at the BLOCH store in Covent Garden.