BEAUTY – Sarah Jones – The UK’s Leading Holistic & Intuitive Skin Expert “Changing your skin…changing your life”

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Sarah Jones is the UK’s leading holistic expert. Using her unique gift of skin reading she is renowned for her signature TOUCH treatment. Sarah is a trained beauty therapist and has spent over 15 years in the holistic, wellness and beauty industry.

Sarah lives by the mantra that beauty on the outside begins with beauty on the inside; it is essential to our beauty that we lead a healthy lifestyle, an inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance. Sarah’s vision is to restore health and wellbeing by awakening the beneficial ‘healing energy’ that resides within to nourish the body, emotions and soul.

Going beyond the traditional concept of beauty therapy, Sarah’s philosophy stems from the connection between your complexion, feelings, self-confidence and power in your skin. Her biggest belief is skincare should compliment the skincare products that we use – skin is only healed by soul searching within and healing the root cause.

Sarah states that in order to truly care for your skin you have to listen to it – a principle that is built on love, touch, gratitude and grounding; “Admittedly the concept of listening to your skin may sound a little strange”, she explains, “but think about it along the same lines as trusting your intuition. Each person I treat with my signature TOUCH treatments have different needs and keys to wellness. There is never a one-size fits all rule.”

Sarah’s TOUCH treatments take you on a profound and fascinating journey, speaking of the treatments she offers Sarah comments:

“My treatments are designed to give you the information you need to get your skin – and your spirit – in shape. I tune into my clients skin and their life stories because beauty is more than just skin deep. While some people read crystal balls, I read your skin.”!touch-treatment/b8n1r