BABIES – Newborn Baby Essentials

The arrival of a baby is an exciting time, but planning for a baby, especially your first can be quite daunting. Even if your much awaited bundle of joy isn’t your first, there are new products on the market all the time, so to help you out we have found some amazing items that we think are perfect for you and your newborn baby. 


Johnson’s Sensitive Touch

Johnson’s have created a great range of baby products that keep your baby clean and can be used from birth, so you can keep your baby clean, while protecting his or her delicate skin. The Sensitive Touch products are specifically formulated to contain only essential ingredients (no fragrance, no colour, no soap).

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.29.06

Johnson’s Sensitive Touch All-in-One Wash gently cleanses and cares for your baby’s sensitive skin and hair, while its No More Tears® formula is mild to the eyes.

Available at Mothercare for £1.34


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Johnson’s Sensitive Touch Oil protects baby’s sensitive skin by locking in moisture and protecting it from drying. Ideal for giving your precious newborn baby a massage.

Available at Mothercare for £2.49
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.31.16

Johnson’s Sensitive Touch Moisturising Baby Lotion soothes and protects your baby’s delicate skin.

Available at Mothercare for £2.49


Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap – Baby unscented Pure Castile-Liquid Soap


With no added fragrance and double the olive oil, the Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is excellent choice for babies, although be careful as it is not tear-free!. Dr. Bronner’s soap is concentrated so make sure you dilute it, biodegradable, versatile and effective. This product is completely organic and safe, so you can keep your baby clean, knowing you are also looking after their precious skin.

Available at Holland and Barrett for £8.99 (473 ml)


Little Butterfly Bubbles in the Breeze


This organic baby wash is organic and gently cleanses both the body and hair. It has a delicate fragrance that is mild and soothing, it gently cares for even the most delicate, dry and irritation-prone skin.   You can clean your baby knowing the delicately fragranced product is completely safe for his or her skin. A delightful blend of soothing meadowsweet, moisturising cucumber fruit and comforting oat kernel extract with conditioning buttermilk, make up this lovely baby wash. Simply pour a little into warm, running water and swirl for delicate bubbles, a little goes a long way.

Available a Little Butterfly Organic for £19.50 (200 ml)


Zippy Muslin Squares


Zippy have created a great range of muslin squares in many colours and patterns, making a welcome change from the usual white variety. They are made from thick 100% cotton and they actually get softer each time you wash them. They are highly absorbent and quick drying, a must have for any baby. These beautiful muslin squares have multiple uses, they can be used as a comfort blanket, a bib or even a burp cloth. Burping your baby is the most well known use for muslin cloths; simply drape the cloth over your shoulder while you burp your baby and your clothes won’t get dribbled on. Babies dribble and posset when they eat, a lot more than you might expect, so always have a Zippy muslin cloth nearby when you’re feeding your baby.

Availably at Zippy Bibs, £14.00 for 3



Sudocrem ‘Care and Protect’


Nappy rash is no fun, but it is one of the most common skin conditions in the early stages of a babies life. As with any ailments, prevention is better than a cure. Sudocrem have created ‘care and protect’ cream that has been specially formulated to help prevent nappy rash, you simply apply it at every nappy change. Sudocrem have given these fantastic tips to help stop nappy rash:

  1. CLEAN: carefully clean the nappy area with warm water and cotton wool or a baby wipe (if your baby’s skin is very sensitive, stick to cotton wool and water), remembering all the little folds and creases too
  2. DRY: gently pat the area dry, ideally with a lint-free cotton wool pad. If it’s convenient, now’s the time to let your baby go nappy-free! Set them on a towel and let them have a kick about – outside in the fresh air if it’s warm enough. A few minutes every day can make a real difference
  3. APPLY: use Sudocrem Care & Protectat every nappy change to protect your baby’s skin. It not only seals in the skin’s natural moisture, but also provides a barrier against the harsh chemicals in pee and poo that can inflame the skin

 Available at Tesco for £5.50 (40g)


Love Boo Soothing Bottom Butter


Love B00’s Soothing Bottom Butter comes in a handy jar with an easy access lid that flips open, this natural cream is recommended by Midwifes and should ne used at every nappy change, to help prevent that dreaded nappy rash. The cotton seed oil, Tahitian Monoi and lavender oil work to soothe and moisturise while zinc oxide forms a barrier.  This soothing bottom butter is made up of 99% natural ingredients, making nappy changing times stress-free and this wonderful product can be used from birth. It is simple to use after cleansing the skin, the cream can be applied on dry nappy area. You can apply the cream after each nappy change, it is simple and effective!

Available at Love Boo, 4 for £31.46


Little Butterfly Soft as Moonlight

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.36.45

Little Butterfly ‘soft as moonlight’ baby change cream has won multiple awards and it is clear to see why, it efficiently supports healing and protects baby’s most delicate areas from excess moisture. It also acts as a powerful healing balm to protect and repair any areas of irritated, dry and cracked skin, it works equally well on mature skin. It is completely organic and natural, making it perfectly safe for your baby and it has 18 carefully selected ingredients such as nurturing mango seed butter, comforting calendula and camomile to relieve discomfort. Cocoa, shea butter and buttermilknourish and protect, while peach kernel and cucumber seed oil maintain the skin’s healthy moisture levels. This award-winning product has been recommend by midwives and we are big fans!

Available at Little Butterfly Organic for £25.50


Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Pure Single 2D.jpg

Huggies baby wipes are made with natural absorbent fibres and 99% water, they actually say they are natural enough to sprout a bean! They are naturally soft and do not contain alcohol, phenoxyethanol or parabens, making them safe for your newborn, so you can easily keep them clean. They are unscented, leaving you to use them happily every day. We think Huggies wipes are a must have for every baby and if you run out of make up remover, you can use a Huggies wipe too!

Available at ASDA, Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury’s, 56 for £1.00


ASDA Little Angels Nappies

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.38.29

ASDA have created a great range of soft and absorbent nappies for your newborn and for every step of his or her growth. They are not only excellent value for money, they are absorbent, easy to use and were also voted the preferred nappy brand! This excellent range includes nappies for newborns to toddlers, they also have some swim pants from 13-24 pounds, your babies Peppa Pig first pants (that perform like nappies, but are actually pants) and supreme protection for when your baby is on the move!  They fit well, are absorbent, soft material and, unlike Pampers, can cope with explosive night time poos!

Available at ASDA from £3.00 for a 22 pack to £8.00 for a 68 pack



Love Boo Bosom Buddy

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.39.20

Love Boo is a lovely collection of luxurious natural skin, bath and beauty products for both new mums and their babies and are made in the UK. All of their bath and beauty products are gorgeously packaged. The Bosom Buddy is best applied on slightly damp skin when it’s warm and more absorbent. It’s recommend to rub in circular movement from below your boobs up to your neck every day. The Aragon oil softens and tightens the chest area helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, so you can start using this lovely lemon scented product during pregnancy to help keep your breasts soft and perky!

Available at Naturisimo for £18.99


Royce Candy Blossom Nursing Bra


I can’t stop wearing this maternity bra, it is comfortable, stylish and supportive, perfect for those growing breasts.The delightful ‘Blossom’ nursing bra is in a pretty candy pink and cream stripe that’s ideal for wearing under summer clothes. The fabric stretches to accommodate changes in the size of your breasts while offering all the support you need. It washes easily and is perfect for nursing, I think I need to buy a few of these, as they are so comfortable and worth every penny! They also come in a great range of sizes, ready to fit the smallest to the largest breasts.

Available at Royce Lingerie for £30.00



Zippy all-in one Suit


The first advice I was given, was to buy as many baby grows as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should by just any baby grow. We love the Zippy all-in-one suit, having a zip instead of buttons make a new mums life much easier. This delightful mouse print set also comes with a matching bib and hat, perfect for mums like me, who love everything to match! The zip has a guard for extra protection and the range comes in many different patterns, including unisex, in case you do not know what sex your baby is. This lovely unisex suit would look cute on any baby!

Available at Zippy Bibs for £19.50


Rockin’ Baby Denim Dungarees


There is something special about buying your baby his or her first jean outfit and dungarees are simply the cutest option available! These soft dungarees are perfect for playtime and they are beautifully finished with check lining in a durable terry cloth fabric. We are in love with these cute little dungarees and we are sure you will be too! They are available from newborn to 24 months. 

Available at Rockin Baby for a special price of £18.00 (they were £30.00, so be quick whilst they have stocks left) 


Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated

Comfort Pure Ultra Conc 38w

Using a fabric conditioner that keeps your babies clothes soft and is safe is essential, that is why we love Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated! It has been dermatologically tested, making it safe for your babies skin and it helps keep fibres smoother. The skincare research has also been recognised by The British Skin Foundation. It is advisable to wash your babies new clothes before he or she wears them and comfort can make sure they stay baby soft too!

Available at Comfort World in a range of sizes



Teletubbies Lullaby Laa-Laa


This cute little toy is actually for 18 months and older to play with, but we think it is great to sit near your babies bed and lull him or her to sleep. You can set how long she is on for using the built-in switch for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, and she has a night-light only feature which slowly fades away. It is great for bedtime, as it doesn’t only play music, it beams a soft light onto the wall. The cute yellow Teletubbie can help soothe your baby to sleep and when your baby gets older, he or she can have hours of fun playing with it too.

Available at Boots for £27.00



Kaloo ‘Colours’ Patchwork Puppet Beat Comforter


This cute ‘Colours’ Patchwork Puppet Bear Comforter by Kaloo is super soft and snuggly. What I love is the bottom of this comforter opens up, so this lovely little bear can become a puppet, keeping you sweet little baby entertained and hopefully sooner rather than later, helping him or her break their very first smile. It is supplied in a stylish hat box, perfect for a present and is suitable from birth.

Available at Born Gifted for £17.99


Miffy Comfort Blanket


We are in love with the denim Miffy comfort blanket and are sure you will be too! It is Unisex and super soft, it is made from baby soft plush to ensure it is as gentle as can be against baby’s skin and making it perfect for your little one to cuddle. It is suitable from birth, so you can give it to your baby right away. This sweet little comfort blanket could easily be a favourite for years to come.

Available at Argos for £12.99



Sleepyhead Deluxe – Portable Baby Pod

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.44.41

The award winning Sleepyhead baby pod has many uses, whether your baby is awake or sleeping. It can be used as a travel bed, a lounger, the perfect place for your baby to lay next to you in bed and be safe in your bed, as a cot insert and a play pod. It is stylish, made of breathable materials, safe, machine washable and suitable for 0 to 8 months.  It has a flattish bottom section with a firm bumper around the edge that cocoons the baby and is so useful, your baby won’t be out of it! It will also make you life easier, as you can pop the baby next to you whilst you get on with your work or housework.

Available at John Lewis for £110.00



Zippy Bibs


The Zippy Baby Boy Bandana Dribble Bib, comes in a 4 pack and they have many colours to choose from. We love how soft they are which is due to the top layer being 100% cotton an the underneath is made from an absorbent fleece, which keeps babies and toddlers drier for longer! They are easy to use at the just pop on and off with adjustable nickel free popper, not an inch of Velcro in sight! They stay in place well and are difficult for babies to remove, so you can feed your baby easily.

Available at Zippy Bibs, a 4 pack is £12.00


Yoomi Self Warming Feeding System

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.46.25

Heating up a babies bottle on the run can be a bit problematic, which is why we love the Yoomi Self Warming Feeding System so much. Whether you are using formula or expressed breast milk, this amazing product really is a God send! You simply charge the warmer, press the button and wait for 60 seconds to use. It is as simple as that! It warms the milk to the natural temperature of breast milk, making life on the go so much easier!

Available at Superdrug for £23.95


Nuk Combined Feeding Set

 Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 21.47.37

The NUK Combined Feeding Set includes all the essential items needed for successful breast and bottle feeding and it’s great value for money. Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle feed, this comprehensive feeding set is perfect! The NUK Teat has been specially designed with an orthodontic shape and super soft zone, which simulates a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. This encourages latch on and makes the NUK Bottle ideal for combined feeding. NUK Teats also feature the improved Anti-Colic Air System that minimises infant colic caused by a harmful swallowing of air. This fantastic set includes a breast pump, a microwave steam steriliser, 4 bottles in two different sizes, 4 extra silicone teats, breasts pads and a brush cleaner! It is like a one stop shop for baby feeding and we at Heart London can’t recommend it enough!

Available at Nuk for £59.99



Rockin’ Baby Sling


Talking your newborn out and about in London in a pram is no easy feat, especially if you need to tackle any stairs or escalators. Why not make life easier and stay hands free with a Rockin’ Baby sling, It can be a bit of a fumble to used to the sling, but they have some simple instructions here and when you get used to it, you will forget what all the fuss was about. This wonderful sling will help you get on with your chores, whilst keeping your baby close to you and keeping a smile on his or her face!

They have some simple instructions here on how to fold the sling:

Available at Rockin’ Baby for £39.00


Mia Tui changing bag – Emma


Finding a stylish baby bag is no easy task, as most are plastered with teddies or cherries, luckily this is where Mai Tui step in. They have designed a stylish baby changing bag, that is both practical and stylish. It includes a baby changing mat, lots of pockets for bottles, a clear vanity bag and a matching hand clasp, that also has it’s own shoulder strap. This beautiful bag comes in lots of colours and is made from ultra soft faux-leather. Now you can be organised with your newborn and look stylish all at the same time!

Available at Mai Tui for £59.99 



Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer


Keeping your baby healthy is top priority and knowing your babies temperature can help indicate if they have a simple cold or something more serious. Kinetik have created a non-contact thermometer making it easy to check your babies temperature whenever you need to. This clever thermometer used infrared technology to take a temperature within just 1 second, without need to make contact. It also stored 25 readings helping you keep an easy track of your child’s progress. It also has a built in fever alarm to alert users if high temperatures, making this thermometer a must for every parent.

Available at Argos for £19.99 

We haven’t included other must haves like baby baths, prams and cots, but we are sure we have shared some products that you will love and will be very useful for you and your precious newborn baby.