Heart London Magazine’s Sexy Summer Essentials

It is that time of year again when we search for the newest products on the market that are just perfect for summer!  Whether you are holidaying abroad or staying at home, we think this special finds will help you feel amazing!


Real Techniques brush cleansing gel, by Sam and Nic


Lengthening the life of your make up brushes is all down to the care you take of them and cleaning them will help keep your brushes looking new. Sam and Nic have created a cleansing gel that is easy to use and removes all the make up residue from your brushes. If you use this product every week, you will keep your brushes fresh and germ free. A little goes a long way, which makes this wonderful product great value too!

Available at ASDA for £4.99


Transformulas Hydration Gold Anti Ageing Recovery Cream


Transformulas have created an innovative skin care product that not only helps reduce fine lines, the 23 carat gold powder creates a beautiful glow to your skin! This beautiful cream has a light fragrance and absorbs easily into your skin, as soon as you apply the product your skin feels fresher and your face has a stunning glow. This Anti-Ageing, Hydrating Recovery Cream with Gold is a must have for every beauty bag, as it gives your skin a silky smooth texture whilst moisturising and helps fight anti-ageing!

Available from Fragrance Direct for £9.99 (15ml)


W7 Camouflage Kit


Do you find that sometimes after a late night your usual foundation just doesn’t seem to hide those pesky dark under eye circles? This cream concealer palette has 5 shades which can be used on their own, or mixed to make a new colour. It is amazing value and a little goes a very long way! They come in a great range of shades, which can be used for contouring or concealing. They blend very well and give excellent coverage. A great value product that can slip into your make up bag and is a must have for all those holiday late nights!

Available at Beauty Base for £3.99


Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen


Bare Republic Mineral have created a sunscreen that is chemical free, perfect for those with sensitive skin and has a SPF of 30 to help protect your face from those harsh sun rays. It is slightly tinted, so you can avoid those blotchy white sun cream marks on your face. The light vanilla scent glides on easily and perfect for every day use, for those animal lovers amongst us this must have, as this product is cruelty free.

Available at Big Green Smile for £13.50


Magnitone London Barefaced! Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush

magnitone barefaced review 2

Looking after skin at any age is important, and the Magnitone London Barefaced! Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush helps you get smoother and softer skin in just a minute a day! The brushes feel soft on your skin and vibrate gently, not causing any harsh abrasions and leaving your skin baby soft. It is waterproof too, so you can keep it next to the bath or shower and use it on a daily basis. If we can describe this product in two words we would say ‘instantly beautiful’, as that is how your skin feels after every use.

Available at Magnitone for £70.00


Technic Correct & Contour s-l300This kit immediately stands out for the ‘corrector’ portion of the palette, as not only does it include three shades of contouring cream, but it also has four more colourful shades to help correct skin issues. The lilac corrects sallow skin tones and bruises, the green minimises redness, the yellow neutralises dark patches, and the silver shimmer can be used to highlight and brighten. All of this is helpfully explained on the base of the kit, along with a diagram detailing which areas of the face to apply the contouring shades.

And on top of all that, it is wonderfully affordable for those of us who want the look but don’t necessarily have the celebrity budget!

Available at Beauty Base for £2.99


Lord & Berry Contour Palette

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.44.57

Although at a slightly higher price, the Lord & Berry contour palette provides a more extensive contouring kit to take your technique to the next level. This kit includes numbered sections and a diagram to walk you through the process. The palette consists of a brightener powder, bronzing powder, cream concealer, light contour cream, deep contour cream and blusher. All of these practically glide on your skin without a greasy finish, and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Available at Lord and Berry for £25

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.46.21

Another fantastic product to check out from Lord & Berry is their Luminizer Stick (£14). In a sleek black casing, this is both an illuminizer and concealer stick, hiding dark circles and disguising wrinkles, along with brightening the skin colour. The silky formula is easy to blend, and works best when applied under eyes and in the corner of your eye.


Maui Jim Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.47.12

Wearing quality sunglasses to project you from those UV rays is essential and so are the type of glasses you pick. Wearing a beautiful pair of sunglasses with set off any outfit and Maui Jim have a wonderful range of stunning frames to choose from! MauiJim are premium Hawaiian polarised sunglasses with up to nine layers of protection from harmful UV rays! We are in love with this pair of stylish Mai Jim sunglasses, they are comfortable to wear, look amazing with any outfit and come with a stylish brown sturdy zip case, as well as Hawaii themed material case too. Their colour-infused technology wipes out 88.9% of the glare, so your view is clearer and crisper. We just love these beautiful timeless sunglasses, something to wear and treasure on many summers to come.

Available at MoobBow for £245.00



TRIND Nail Repair Colour


If you are anything like me, your nails break easily, so I have to go that extra mile to look after them. I often put nail hardener on before nail polish, so when I heard that TRIND have created a nail varnish that is also nail repair, I was excited! TRIND Nail Repair Colour is a unique nail strengthener. Compared to most nail hardeners that are available, TRIND Nail Repair creates a perfect balance between the percentages of keratin and moisture in the nail, making the nail both strong and flexible. The varnish paints on easily and creates a beautiful finish.

Available at Garden Pharmacy for £1.95


Ecosopia Pure Castle Soap

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.51.15

Keeping your hands clean and soft is a must, especially if you have pretty nails to match. We love the Ecosopia pure castle soap, not only do your hands feel beautifully clean, it is a body wash too! The product is award winning and we can see why, it has organically grown and natural ingredients and is based on a 1930’s family recipe. The wonderful lather it creates has been used by royalty and the light scents available will leave your hands smelling divine!

Available at Escospoia for £6.95


Moniko re-crafted Kimono clutch purses

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.53.27

We love Moniko, the brand new exclusive range of clutches produced from exquisite vintage Japanese kimono and obi, they all have wonderful splashes of colour and will set off any outfit. Each product is hand made and created from an actual Kimono! They come in different styles, sizes and colours, so you can add elegance to any outfit with these beautiful bags, which are sure to be the talking piece at any party. Stylish, unique, elegant and well designed, the Moniko also makes a special and one of a kind present.

Available at Moniko, purses from £80 and clutches from £180



Skinny Tan Mouse


With so many tanning products on the market it is hard to choose and many are hard to apply, we are sure we are not the only one’s who have been left with streaky legs and feet! What we love about the Skinny Tan Mouse is it is easy to apply, without a streak in sight and leaves a beautiful natural tan. The results are instant and last for 2 weeks. It combines two green based certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut for a delicious scent, organic Aloe Vera to help moisturise and cellulite active caffeine from naturally sourced Guarana Berries. Pop this on to create a stunning and long lasting tan.

Available at Skinny Tan for £24.95


Temple Spa Goldentini Body Oil and Glaze

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 20.59.07

This luxurious lightweight skin oil nourishes your skin and creates a beautiful glaze, perfect for those summer nights out! The special photo reflecting agents give your skin a stunning shimmer and enhance an existing tan! It sinks into the skin with ease and isn’t the slightest bit greasy, the oil brightens even the dullest skin and leaves you feelings beautiful. This is a must have for your holiday beauty bag and for any special night or day out!

Available at Temple Spa for £25.00 (50ml)


Voya Organic Voyager Body and Hair Kit

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 21.00.28

Having the right size toiletries to put in your hand luggage can be a pain and who has time to squeeze your favourite products into small plastic bottles. Voya have created the perfect travel kit, with luxury and essential organic products. The kit contains 75ml editions of all your VOYA favourites including:  Squeaky Clean Body Wash, Softly Does It Body Moisturiser, Silky By Nature Organic Shampoo, Forget Me Knot Conditioner and comes in a beautiful lime green vanity bag too. This stunning set is not only a perfect travel companion, it makes a great gift too!

Available at Voya for £36.00


Mustela Sun Protection


Mustela have a great range of high protection and waterproof sun lotion, perfect for babies, children or those who like full skin protection. The lotion and sprays reinforce the skin barrier and preserves the cellular richness of babies and children’s skin from UV rays, thanks to Avocado Perseose®. They smell great and come in different sizes, so you can pop one in your handbag or beach bag. This product is creamy, has a light fragrance and absorbs into the skin well. It is also highly resistant to water and sweat, so you can stay protected in the water or on the move. A must have for delicate skin!

Mustela 50+ very high protection sun lotion available at Amazon for £16.94 (100 ml)
Mustela after sun spray available at Amazon fir £12.99 (100 ml)

Mustela 50+ very high protection sun spray available at Amazon for £16.99


Beachwear by Sophia Alexia


Sophia Alexia has created a timeless range of beachwear, we love the light and colourful scarfs, that will add some fun and style to any outfit. Made from 100% silk this beautiful material flows magnificently and makes you feel a million dollars. The splash of colour in the ‘Liquid Rainbow’ style is based on nature and this elegant print is inspired by the ocean. Not only will you wear this scarf with pride, it would make an elegant and treasured present too.

Available at Sophia Alexia for £90.00


Palmers Cocoa Butter Eventone Suncare


If you have read any of our beauty articles before, you will know we at Heart London Magazine are big fans of Palmers Coccoa Butter and we were happy to discover they have a sunscreen range as well! The Eventone Suncare sprays easily onto the skin and instantly sinks in, it also has that beautiful cocoa smell that Palmer’s have mastered so well. The top of the spray has a handy safety catch, so it won’t empty out in your bag before you have even arrived at your destination.

Available at Superdrug for £12.99 (150ml)


Lynx – Find Your Magic

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 21.07.44

Not forgetting the man in your life, we discovered some a sexy new fragrance set by the well loved brand Lynx! The range includes three product collections; SignatureUrban and Adrenaline, each of which contain new hairstyling and anti-perspirant products alongside the unique Daily Fragrances. Each collection represents a distinctive characteristic to allow men to achieve different scents, looks and finishes; Signature for a sophisticated and refined look, Urban for an expressive edge and Adrenaline for a burst of freshness and energy. We love them and know you will too, plus these wonderful fragrances are excellent value for money!

The Lynx Signature, Urban and AdrenalineFragrance range:

  • Lynx Signature Daily Fragrance: £5.99
  • Lynx Urban Daily Fragrance: £5.99
  • Lynx Adrenaline Daily Fragrance: £5.99


Aqua Citra Perfume


You may not know it, but Aqua Citra is one of the iconic perfumes from the 70’s and once you smell the fresh summer scent you will know why. The beautiful fragrance has a light lemon scent that is perfect for summer and can fit easily in your bag. You can’t help feel refreshed and energised when you wear this fragrance and easily bring back those vibrant 70’s days. The refreshing perfume opens with an explosion of citrus, combined with a soft spicy accord, giving it a modern twist and makes it a perfect summer perfume!

Available at the Fragrance Counter for £27.00 (30 ml)


E45 Moisturising Spray


We are big fans of spray on moisturiser at Heart London Magazine and happy to find out that the well-loved brand E45 have created a range. Their easy to spray moisturiser last 24 hours and absorbs into the skin in seconds. They recognise that everyone’s skin is different, so have created a spray for very dry skin, as well as sensitive skin. This beautiful product leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, perfect for summer when you want to wear your favourite summer dress.

Available at Tesco for £6.00



Toni and Guy Style Fix Straightener

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 21.14.48

Toni and Guy have created an effective, stylish and almost handbag sized hair straightener. It is great for taming frizz on curly hair, so you are left with beautiful glossy and straight hair! The size makes it very easy to use and it heats up to 210c, which ensures straightening your hair does not take hours. It has a lovely long cord as can be used in different countries due to the multiple voltage, so this stylish straightener is perfect to pop in your suitcase and take on holiday!

Available at Boots for £24.99



VARTA Powerpack 2600


Finding a plug to charge your mobile phone on holiday can be a right pain and even at home mobile batteries rarely last the day, so having a back up charger is essential. VARTA have created a stylish powerpack that comes ready to use with a charge already in it. It charges quickly and boosts your mobile phone battery 100% in minutes! It is excellent value at only £7.99, is lightweight and has an interchangeable lead which makes it compatible with all smartphones. This perfect little power pack is a must have for your holiday or weekend away.

Available at B&Q for £7.99



Malibu Rum Party Set

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 21.36.58

Malibu have some fun accessories that will add a tropical theme to your summer party and to top it off they have created a tasty new Pineapple Malibu Rum! This delicious new Malibu is perfect over ice or alongside your favourite juice. We absolutely adore the Malibu Party set, which includes: Malibu Coconut Rum 70cl, 6 stunning coconut cups, 2 Malibu pitchers and 6 flower garlands. Drinking Malibu puts you in the summer party mood, even if the sun isn’t shining.

Available at Malibu Rum Shop for £34.99