LIFESTYLE – Brits Go Potty for Plants

      Caring for plants trending as top method of wellbeing

·       Over one in ten even talk or sing to topiaries – a retro trend for shaping plants as they grow

·       PG tips Green Tea publishes first ever Pot Plant Census and unveils prototype ‘Monkey desktop topiary’

·       TV horticulturalist Frances Tophill gets behind campaign

PG tips Green Tea today unveils the UKʼs first Pot Plant Census, revealing that the UK is a nation going potty for our plants with a quarter (25.4%) of us now tending to plants on a regular basis.

When questioned on their passion for plants, twelve percent (12%) of the UK even admitted going a step further by talking, singing, or playing music to their plants to help them flourish – averaging a plant conversation of around twice a weekForty percent (40%) revealed they would like to officially learn the art of topiary – a retro trend for pruning plants into impressive shapes as they grow – if they had an opportunity to do so.

With a fifth (20%) of the UK feeling stressed on a daily basis, and thirty-nine percent (39%) feeling stressed weekly, the study reveals that greenery-focused wellbeing is sweeping the nation with half of us (46%) using plants as an escape from the digital world. Brits purchased an average of five plants a year over the last three years – averaging £40 annually – with plant-related rejuvenation (25.4%) now beating baking (25%), yoga (13%), and knitting (8%) as the go-to wellbeing pastime.

In light of the findings, PG tips Green Tea is encouraging the nation to ʻGrow for Greenʼ and re-energise our homes and offices by bringing the outdoors inside. The brandʼs first green paper report, published earlier this year, revealed that while the average person is only able to fully relax for 36 minutes a day – just three hours across the working week – there is a wealth of untapped benefits that can be derived from ʼthe power of green’ including improved feelings of positivity and wellbeing.

The new trend has burst onto the scene with forty-six percent (46%) of people cultivating the habit in just the last three years. The average Brit now spends more money on plants than exercising, with over 20 minutes each week dedicated to preening our topiaries and a further fifth of us (21%) spending 10-30 minutes weekly looking at plant inspiration on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Despite the UKʼs growing obsession for plants, over two-thirds (65%) struggle to know how best to tend to their plants, with – and a further forty percent (40%) saying they would tune in to a Great British Bake Off style topiary show if it aired on TV.

PG tips Green Tea has partnered with leading TV horticulturist and ‘fresh young face of gardening’ Frances Tophill for the Pot Plant Census, who comments: “Topiary has been a growing trend over the past few years, following in the footsteps of bakery and knitting as the latest craft craze. It’s no longer reserved for the older generation or those with large ornamental gardens, anyone can try and I encourage everyone to give it a go. There is a huge movement among twenty and thirty something’s who are turning to plants to help them de-stress and re-energise. I’m happy to support PG tips in their endeavors to get more people involved in topiary. It’s a brilliant and relaxing hobby, great for the body and soul just like their green tea range, it seems only natural to combine the two.”

Inspired by the power of green, PG tips Green Tea ʻGrow for Greenʼ campaign this week unveils a prototype ‘Monkey desktop topiaryʼ designed specifically for desks both at home and at work, to encourage people to bring more green into their lives across the country.