LONDON EATERIES – Enjoy an intimate and relaxed evening at Hanger SW6


screenshot-2015-12-17-19-02-39-1The location of this Hanger SW6 is set in a convenient place, being only 7 minutes away from Fulham Broadway station and can be accessed from the District Line. On the streets around Fulham Broadway there are lots of restaurants, grills places & pubs that also offer food.  As soon as I walked in we were greeted by the waiter, who was dressed in a professional black uniform and he welcomed us with a big smile.

The waiter led us to our table and we noticed the lovely relaxed vibe in the lovely environment.  It is the perfect place to try out for the first time, great for friends to go out and have lunch, great for couples too as there is an intimate setting, with the candles on the table and individual lights that are hanging above each table. The décor is very modern, the colours in the restaurant are coordinating. The brown colour of the wooden tables goes with the wooden borders of the pictures hanging on the white wall.

As we sat in the corner, we had a perfect view of the outside world, clear windows with seating, so you can enjoy a great meal while watching life happen. The pillows on the seats were a nice touch, adding to the relaxing, homely vibe.

The waiter shared the specials of the day and I have the say the customer service was fantastic.  The presentation of the food was amazing; it looked very neat and well put together.

The salt beef croquette was a real delight; it had a crispy brown exterior and was amazingly soft in the middle.  You taste the crispy exterior and in the middle, you bite into a warm creamy sauce that’s filled with pieces of meat.The salt and vinegar squid was amazing too. It was fried perfectly, for someone who tried squid for the first time, I must say it was quite delicious. For the main course, I and my friend both decided to pick them same thing, charcoal grilled hanger steak which was served with watercress and triple cooked chips which had rosemary and garlic flavour. I loved the fusion of the garlic and rosemary flavours on the chips, as it brought out the smell and the taste of the chips even more. The steak was while cooked, very juicy when chewing and the watercress blended with the flavour of the steak perfectly.

For desert the pecan tart served with vanilla ice cream seemed to be the perfect choice to end this delicious meal. The vanilla ice cream was a perfect sphere shape that sat perfectly on the pecan tart. Both the pecan tart and ice cream was decorated with strawberry sauce.  The fusion of the cold ice cream and warm pecan tart was perfect.

Patrick (the owner) led us downstairs, into a downstairs space which will be open for the restaurant. It can be used for birthday parties, Christmas parties and will just be an additional space for the restaurant overall. The space was a generous size, again there was an intimate feeling present, with the candles and dark atmosphere, there is a bar in the corner, the lights gleaming, showing the presence of the bottles at the bar, showing that the bar has a wide variety of drinks.

This was a great experience, if you’re looking for a place to chill out, be relaxed, great service and great food, Hanger restaurant is the place to be.

Hanger SW6, 461 North End Rd, London SW6 1NZ

Heart London Magazine Star Rating:

Food 5

Drinks 5

Service 5

Atmosphere 5

Décor 5

Shelly Diafuana, Heart London Magazine