BEAUTY – Heart London’s Hottest Nail Polishes and Products

As the days get darker and the weather begins to change (not for the best), we looked into some of the best and brightest nail polishes to lift your spirits, along with some handy products to keep your nails in top shape over the winter months.

Trind – Caring Colour


 The great perk to Trind is that not only do they offer lovely colours, but the nail lacquer is also developed to look after your nails and promote strong and healthy growth. Although they have a fantastic range of products, I tried the Nail Caring Colour and was very pleased with the result. The colour was bright and vibrant, and the actual polish lasted well. Although I believe it might take a few more applications to see all the benefits – including faster growing nails – I definitely felt that my nails were in good shape, whereas with a lot of lacquers, I find that my nails feel weaker and are prone to breaks. 

You can now buy Trind Caring Colour at for the incredible price of £1.99

Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue – Gel Wear range


Rosie Fortescue’s 3 step nail range stands out as it has been created to match the look, wear and feel of gel polish. Immediately this caught my attention, as with wear and tear, I often find that my polish fails to last long and begins to chip off, so a gel-like product sounded perfect! It allows you to skip the time spent at the salon and also avoid the price.

The 3 step system includes a base coat (to protect the nail and bind the colour), the gel colour and a top coat (providing shine and durability).

The base coat was incredibly impressive, creating a smooth surface for the colour, which uses dual polymer technology and also contains volcanic ash to increase the strength. Although you can choose from up to 28 different shades, I chose to wear ‘Red Carpet’, and absolutely loved it. The top coat left a pleasingly shiny finish, and over the next few days, there were no chips whatsoever – even as I went about my daily routine.

As a result, I would definitely recommend Nailed London – and the fact you can also remove it with a regular nail polish remover serves to make it even better! You can buy it from Harvey Nichols for £7.00.

Jamberry Nail Wraps


As a complete novice to nail wraps, I initially imaged the application process as being far more complicated than it was. In the end, it was wonderfully simply! All you need to do is measure your nail against the differently sized nail wraps, cut part off the strip off, press it onto the nail and lightly heat it to have it stick. You can then trim the wrap to become the perfect fit.

Jamberry has a selection of over 300 nail wraps, meaning that you’ll be spoilt for choice! The designs range from beautiful and simple to quite intricate – the latter being great, as it allows you to achieve interesting nails without needing the nail art skills. The wraps are durable, and although they began to peel slightly after a few days, I felt that I perhaps hadn’t applied them with enough heat, so I would suggest using a hair dryer to ensure they are properly bonded. In that case, I believe they would last far longer.

You can purchase Jamberry nails wraps for £15 at


I was also lucky enough to try out the application kit, along with (some much needed) cuticle oil. The kit includes nail scissors, nail clippers, a buffer block, alcohol wipes, orange sticks, a cuticle pusher and nail file – pretty much all you could need for flawless application of your Jamberry nail wrap.

The application kit can also be purchased from at the price of £20.



Something that drew me towards Benecos nail polishes was their label of ‘natural and organic’. With affordable, natural products that are never tested on animals, I definitely was eager to check them out. They have a great range of colours, all of which last well. My favourite ended up being the bright pink shade, ‘Hot Summer’- perfect for a night out.

The polish went on easily and the brush was well-shaped, covering a large portion of the nail for a smooth application. A huge plus of Benecos is the price, meaning that you can get a few bottles to try a number of shades.

Benecos is available from Whole Foods, selected stockists nationwide and online from for £6.95

SensatioNail Polish to Gel


When it comes to SensatioNail Polish to Gel, the difference is that it’s not simply a ‘gel-effect’ polish, but it actually converts any regular nail polish to gel. This is one of the real draws of this product, as it allows you to revisit some of your old polishes – perhaps ones you have stopped using because they chip easily – and give them a new lease of life.

The kit comes with with all the tools you’ll need to get salon nails at home, including an LED lamp (with a USB and mains adaptor), wipes, a buffer, a manicure stick, mixing pot, gel cleanser, gel primer and polish to gel formula. All you need to do is mix your regular nail polish, paint your nails and then dry them under the LED lamp. This is where the transformer base, containing a polymer formula, really comes into play, as when it is cured under the LED lamp, moisture is drawn out for a very quick dry time and a polymerisation process takes place. This causes the layers of polish to bond to one another and harden.

I was incredibly impressed by SensatioNail for a number of reasons – mainly, because of the speedy drying time, the absence of smudging and the lack of chipping. It really did provide gel nail results without even having to leave the house. They provide a nice selection of colours, but the real perk to this product is its longevity, especially for those who want immaculate nail but don’t have budget to have them done at a salon, or the time to keep re-painting with normal polish.

You can get your own SensatioNail Polish to Gel Starter Kit from Boots for £49.99.