BEAUTY – Sublixime IXXI precision wrinkle filler

If you are a Botox lover like me, then you loath to have movement and the hideous crinkling effect around your eyes as you dare to smile. Botox prevents all that and we can laugh freely at even the least funny comment, but after four to sixth months, as the precious poison begins to wear off and your face begins to collapse, then despair starts to set in! OMG, I can’t get to the clinic in time for that friends or college reunion. Horror of horror, I actually look my age! Well there is something that can be done to tide you over and thats Sublixime’s precision wrinkle filler.

I am always sceptical over anti ageing claims of cosmetic companies, but I have to admit I am impressed with Sublixime’s precision wrinkle filler and anti ageing oil. You simply smear it along your lines and let it sink in, patting it gently into the skin. I found that it helped reduce my fine lines and is a great temporary fix.

Available at Amazon for £21.83

Ixxi : How to use sublixime precision wrinkle filler ? from Ixxi Cosmetics on Vimeo.

Darren, Heart London Magazine