LIFESTYLE – Wonderful Winter Candles

Candles set the mood and add ambience to suit every occasion. We like candles that suit the season, so have discovered candles that are perfect for every winter occasion or simply to use every day in your home.

Matalan Elegance at Home – Lemongrass


This beautifully set candle lets out a light lemongrass scent, lovely to burn as you relax in a bath. This perfect pampering scent burns for 45 hours, so is excellent value for money and is encased in a cloche, giving the candle elegance.

Available for £10 at Matalan


Matalan Candle Store Norwegian Woodfire

Encased in modern grey glass with a shiny silver lid, the Norwegian woodfire reminds you of a fresh woodland. The deep fragrance screams winter and suits daily use, adding a warm scent to any room.

Available for £5 at Matalan


Matalan Candle Store Black Orchid & Amber


The black orchid oozes an intoxicating natural aroma, pairing well with the warm, musky, rich and honey-like scent of amber. This beautiful fragrance works well to help you enjoy a wonderful and relaxing bath. The scent is gentle and perfect to help you rest after a hard days work.


Matalan Elegance at Home – Black Lily


This candle is perfect to gift, with a stunning cream box and the candle in a smoked grey casing. This beautiful floral scent is a must for lovers of flowers, or those who love a light scent to linger in the room and perfect for a romantic evening in. This must have candle is great value for money and the elegant boxed candle burns for 35 hours.

Available for £6 at Matalan


Wobbly Pins – Orange and Cinnamon

For those who like a luxurious candle with a more enhanced scent, the Wobbly Pins candles could be for you. They are handmade with pure essential oils, including soy wax, orange oil and cinnamon oil. Every Wobbly Pins candle is hand-poured in to its glass or tin container. This support allows us to include more essential oil than a free-standing candle, as essential oils soften the wax. The orange and cinnamon would be perfect for your hallway, to great your guests and they enter.

Available for £6.50 at Wobbly Pins


Wobbly Pins – Rosemary and Eucalyptus

Also encased in a pretty rose gold tin, this beautiful fragrance is made from soy oil, rosemary oil and eucalyptus. This refreshing scent is perfect to add a fresh aroma to your living room. Soy wax is a natural and effective alternative to paraffin wax and often burns longer.

Available for £6.50 at Wobbly Pins


Brissi Figue Rouge


This is one of our favourite candles, the fruity, fragrant blend, based on cedar wood and a touch of musk, with a fresh grapefruit top note is mesmerising. The scent is so fresh, it almost smells like eucalyptus and the high quality wax burns for 40 hours. The candle is encased in pretty white glass, which makes a beautiful present and is great for both men, as well as women.

Available for £24.00 at Brissi


Brissi Pomegranate


Do you ever walk down the street and admire a gentleman’s aftershave that just walked past you in the street, this is exactly how we would describe this gorgeous scent. It is rich, beautiful and mysterious. This wonderful candle also boasts a massive burning time of 70 hours. The candle is dark pomegranate and plum infused with an elegant heart of orange blossom, white jasmine and mimosa. The opulence base of black vanilla, amber, nutmeg and smooth musk brings a magical depth to the fragrance.

Available for £29.00 at Brissi


Landon Tyler Wild Berries


Landon Tyler’s luxury candle range are presented in frosted glass and the candles are white, ensuring they will look beautiful in any room you place them. There are 12 fragrances in the range and all are available as a three wick candle, a single wick candle or a diffuser.

The wild berries single wick burns for 40 hours and bursts with a fruity scent. The juicy sweet scent combines combining cranberries, raspberries, wild roses, tea and sandalwood. This perfect aroma would be perfect for your kitchen, to keep it smelling sweet and fruity all day long.


Landon Tyler Golden Amber


Golden Amber is your perfect winter aroma that reminds you of drinking mulled wine by the fireplace. Although ladies are sure to appreciate this wonderful scent, it is made for a man and can be placed in any room he desires. It burns for 25 hours.


The English Soap Company – Oriental Spice and Cherry Blossom


The English Soap Company’s pure soy candles are divine, they are made with natural pure soy wax and have a 35 hour burning time! Not only are they eco-friendly, as the wax that is being used is biodegradable and the candles are naturally scented to. The candles are great value for money and are presented in weighty clear glass, with a stunning white candle.

This delicate and beautiful scent is definitely suited to the bathroom, you can’t help but imagine soaking in beautiful bubbles with a glass of champagne as you smell this wonderful fragrance. This candle burns for 30 hours. A sweet and powdery floral juice with musk, vanilla and sandalwood. The heart of the fragrance is a combination of violet, lilac, jasmine and rose highlighted with a fruity cassis and cherry top note. A touch of pink pepper adds interest and creates a vibrant top note.

Available for £9.95 at the English Soap Company