BABIES – Working at home with a baby

Being a working mother floods you with guilt, especially when your baby is young. Even working at home with a baby, you can’t help but feel bad when you can’t give them every moment of your attention. For all the mothers that work from home, with their baby by their side, this is for you! We have gone in search products that will make working at home with your baby, a little easier for you both!


YogaBellies®Baby Wrap


This baby wrap is nothing short of amazing, having tried other brands that are almost impossible to put on and leave you both frustrated, the YogaBellies®Baby Wrap is an absolute breeze. The wrap erases any guilt you may feel about not paying you baby enough attention when you are working, as your baby can be wrapped close to you all day long! Your baby will enjoy the closeness and the beat of your heart, whilst your hands are free to work. You can steel glances at your beautiful baby all day long and smile knowing you both enjoy every moment you have together.

The wrap is VERY easy to use, secure and soft. My baby happily falls asleep laying in the wrap, next to mummy and in the winter months it helps keep you both warm. This beautiful wrap is a must have for working mums, your only wish will be that you found this magical product earlier!

Available at YogaBellies for £32.00


Hippy Chick Natou Mini Mobile


This super cute baby mobile is one of my son’s favourite toys, as he plays in his cot next to be as I work this mobile creates lots of happy giggles. He loves to stare it and hear it play, again and again. It is soft and is attached by velcro, so it is perfect to move from room to room, it can be secured to anything from car seats to pushchairs to prams so can be used when your snuggled up at home or out and about.

Available for £23.99 from Hippy Chick with free shipping too!


NUK, Seal ‘n Go Breast Milk Bags


If you have to pop out to a meeting and need to have milk handy for your baby sitter, these bags are perfect. They ensure you will never run out of milk, as you can freeze your breast milk easily and they hold up to 180 ml. You can write when you freezed them on the top and have them ready for whenever you need them, perfect for a working mother. They are also great value for money too as they come in a pack of 25.

Available at iHerb for £5.09


Nuna Leaf Toy Bar


This lovely toy bar fits the Nuna LEAF, although it also fits easily on to many cots. This fun toy bar has different hanging toys to keep your little one amused, it features 3 soft toys: “look-at-me” birdy, a tree that rattles, and a crinkly owl entertains and stimulates the senses.

Available for £17.95 at Kiddies Kingdom


Nuk Micro Express


Sterilizing bottles can be time consuming especially when you are working at home, but the Nuk Micro Express make it easy. You can pop then inside the bowl and into the microwave, or if like myself you don’t like to use microwaves, you can simply pour over boiling water and close the lid. I like to give them a quick wash first and then steam them, but this little sterilizer certainly is a time saver.

Available for £14.99 from John Lewis


Redkit Safari Play Gym


This safe and fun play gym is perfect to keep your baby amused without leaving your side. The gym is padded making it safe for your baby to play and the colours are vibrant, to keep their attention. It even has detachable hanging toys to entertain your little one, and improve the hand/eye coordination. This wonderful baby gym is excellent value for money, at only 16 pounds and will give your baby hours of fun!

Available for £16.00 at Red Kite Baby


SleepSpace, from BabyHub


This fantastic baby sleep and play space is perfect for mothers that work from home, as your baby can play or sleep right next to you as you work in this fun travel cot. Not only is it a roomy play space for your baby to sit in or stand, it easily converts to a fun teepee. When you are not using the cot, you can store it easily and it is very user friendly. As well as being great to use at home, it is perfect for travel as it includes a mosquito net cover. The fun teepee pack can be bought separately if you wish. It is strong, secure and safe, with barriers all round to prevent knocks to your baby. As your child grows you could even use it as a freestanding tent in the garden, making this a fun and practical cot that can last a few years. It even comes with its own travel perfect, great for storage.

Available for £194.99 at Baby Hub Shop, SleepSpace Tepee Pack £29.99