MUSIC – A conversation with London singer-songwriter Kit Rice

We chat to one of the most exciting young artists to emerge on the music scene and find out about what inspires him most.


What is your favourite place in London that you think everyone should visit at least once?

My favourite place in London has to be Soho. It’s the centre of arts and culture, go to Ronnie Scott’s if you get the chance.

Could you go a day without listening to music?

Definitely not, if I didn’t have my wake up tunes I’d be in a horrid mood all day. What’s life without music? It would be like painting without brushes!

What would be your ultimate venue to play in in London?

I would love to sell out and play the O2 Arena. That’s one of my biggest dreams.

What inspired you to start a career in music?

I have always loved music but I think the turning point was seeing Prince at the O2. I knew in that moment that I would be writing and performing for the rest of my life.

Your music isn’t confined to one genre, but do you have a personal favourite to listen to?

I love listening to all music! Classical to dubstep. But at the moment I’m mostly listening to R&B/HipHop.

Do you have rituals before a performance?

Not really. I always have one gin & tonic and a group hug is always a must.

What is the biggest goal you’d like to achieve during your career?

I want to be charting and touring, and I won’t stop until I get there!

What inspires you when writing new songs? Do you write from personal experience?

I write as a form of therapy. If I’m feeling some kind of way, I’ll write about it. It helps me cope with all the crap life throws at me. Also I love to create music from scratch, sometimes I might start with something as simple as a kick drum pattern and build the song from there. Other times I’ll have a melody line in my head when I wake up and I put that down, and build the song around that.

You made your TV debut singing your single ‘Love Song’, how was that experience for you?

I was so happy to make my debut with one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written! I wrote that song about a specific feeling. If you listen closely you will understand.

Since you grew up in South-East London, do you see the city as an inspiration for your work?

London is where I grew up. I am here to represent and show the world that independent artists, even when from a big city like London, can make it.

Watch Kit Rice’s London Live performance of ‘Love Song’ here: