FOOD – hungryhouse Great British pie-off study reveals London is going crust-crazy

To celebrate British Pie Week,, the online food-ordering platform, has released research unveiling the UK’s pie-scoffing capital, as well as the nation’s most popular pies. With the nation going crazy for pie, from the Wayne Shaw pie-damonium to David Beckham cooking up a family pie, the study into Britain’s love affair with pastry has unveiled a North vs South divide with some surprising statistics.

Lifting the lid on the UK’s most loved fillings, research reveals the beloved steak and ale pie to come out on top with 22% of brits opting for the national favourite. Runners up include steak and potato pie (17%) and Cottage Pie (15%).

UK Top 10

1) Steak & ale pie (22%)

2) Steak & potato pie (17%)

3) Cottage pie (15%)

4) Chicken & mushroom pie (13%)

5) Apple pie (10%)

6) Pork Pie (9%)

7) Banoffee pie (7%)

8) Pie barm (4%)

9) Cornish pasty (2%)

10) Cheese & onion pie (1%)

South Top 5

1)      Banoffee (43%)

2)      Apple Pie (22%)

3)      Steak & ale pie (15%)

4)      Cottage pie (11%)

5)      Chicken & mushroom pie (9%)

North Top 5

1) Steak & potato pie (47%)

2) Pork pie (33%)

3) Pie barm (10%)

4) Cottage Pie (7%)

5) Cornish Pasty (3%)

Research reveals that southerners have gone pie mad, with customers from London and Bristol ordering an average of ten pies per year. This is double the amount being eaten up North, suggesting northerners are falling out of love with the humble British pie. Surprisingly, 65% of customers in London admitted to opting for a sweet pie, with favourites of Apple and Banoffee. This is remarkably higher than Northern sweet tooth’s, with only 12% choosing sweet over savoury fillings.

What’s more, this years study discovered a newcomer to the charts with the famous ‘pie barm’, a regional classic from Wigan, consisting of a buttered roll with a meat and potato pie in the middle. More shockingly, the Cornish pasty made it into the top 5 Northern flavours however southerners had not taken a bite of this seaside treat.

Figures show that the trusty steak and potato pie or ‘cow’ pie remains the most popular throughout the North East with 79% of customers from Newcastle claiming this as their favourite pie dish. Liverpool also came close with 73% preferring a cow pie, whereas Birmingham are won over by the poultry option, with Chicken and Mushroom at 56%.

Alice Mrongovius, CEO of hungryhouse said: “With pie sales soaring over British Pie Week, we wanted to celebrate this much loved takeaway dish by doing some digging on the nations pie-eating habits. Whether you’re a fan of a traditional Steak & Ale or are barmy for a Pork Pie, our research proves Britain remains to have it’s eyes on the pies”.


City Pie-Off

1) London- Banoffee (44%)

2) Newcastle- Steak & potato (79%)

3) Leeds- Steak & ale (53%)

4) Wigan- Pie barm (67%)

5) Liverpool- Steak & potato (73%)

6) Bristol- Apple (57%)

7) Glasgow- Pork pie (42%)

8) Birmingham- Chicken & mushroom (56%)

9) Manchester- Pork pie (71%)

10) Nottingham- Cottage pie (39%)