FOOD – London’s first Cashew Milk yoghurt

There is a new yoghurt in town and it is delicious! It is creamy, high in protein, vegan, sugar-free and made with 20% pure cashew nuts! A health conscious delight, the Nush Cashew Milk Yoghurt.

The yoghurt comes in three mouth-watering flavours, Organic Natural (350g & 125g), Vanilla (125g) and Strawberry (125g), the all-natural range is rich in plant protein and bursting with all of the goodness of premium cashew milk, which contains up to 20% pure cashew nuts. All were tasty, but Heart London Magazine’s absolute favourite was the Strawberry. The burst of berries was simply divine and totally moreish. This wonderful new makes a great breakfast yoghurt, especially with granola.

Produced by blending the finest, creamiest cashew nuts with vegan probiotic cultures, maintaining the whole cashew goodness, Nush yoghurts are created using the same traditional methods as production of the dairy variety and offer a light and delicate flavour profile with naturally sweet notes and a deliciously creamy texture.

The cashews used to create Nush benefit come from the warm, humid conditions of tropical Vietnam and are only farmed in March and April from ‘Mother’ trees aged 15-25 years, when they are fully ripe and fall to the ground naturally. Each nut – the seed that grows out of the cashew apple – is then dried in the sun for three days to ensure they are at their finest quality.

Pop to Whole Foods Market or Planet Organic to buy some of this tasty new yogurt for RRP £1.99/£3.99: 125g/350g.