Sumbul is Back!

A season is a long time in the uber fast and fickle world of fashion, so two years is beyond an eternity. However, when your fashion lines are immortalised by their classic style and longevity, then a two year hiatus isn’t that long, but a mere wink. Sumbul Ahmad’s various designer ranges perfectly encapsulate this essence of age defying collections that are as relevant today as they were over a decade ago. In fact her range Indian Summer Menswear and Women’s wear is to be launched exclusively at Tramp in London this coming July 19th, will attract an entire fresh demographic. After a hiatus from the fashion world, Sumbul is returning with a re-imaging of the classic.

Her established SUMBULINE perfectly amalgamates the customary with modernity, integrating East and Western style with panache. Her Euromale from Asia exemplifies how her Menswear transcends countries and continents to become global in its’ appeal and wearability. This innovation of design has compelled many celebrities to suit up from her line. High profile people such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Greta Sacchi, Pierce Brosnan and ShahRukh Khan to name but a few. Sumbul has also outfitted actors such as Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons in the film Merchant of Venice. Her mens’s haute couture collection was also stocked in infamous stores and shops in Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

Conventionally the majority of high end Menswear usually caters for the slimmer man, even skinny men who use clothes like a veneer to conceal their bodies. But what about the buff gym type who work hard for their bodies who are proud of their bodies and want to look great in designer clothes too? For many years this demographic has been neglected by the fashion houses, but not any longer. Sumbuline is launching clothes that will inspire men who look great out of clothes to look great in them as well. Classic shirts that can be worn more open but will still retain their classiness.
With such a proven pedigree, no wonder the fashion world is anticipating Sumbul’s home coming to where she belongs.

The proceeds from the Fashion show at Tramp will be donated to the Prince’s Trust.
Tickets are £100 each and includes Champagne and Canopies

For details contact Sumbul Ahmad: