FOOD – Low calorie, great taste – Propercorn

When we heard about low calorie, tasty pop corn, we couldn’t wait to taste it for you and YES, it is a winner. Every flavour in the PROPERCORN collection is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and made using store cupboard ingredients, making it a sustainable way to switch up snacking for the better. Whether you’re stuck in the office, in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, or putting on a sunny alfresco spread, enjoy your summer without the self-restraint.

Propercorn black pepper and sour cream

There’s a lot of sour cream crisps out there and but this black pepper and sour cream, will be everyone’s new favourite healthier option. The flavour is not very over powering but tasty nonetheless, so you can still go out feeling comfortable that nobody can smell that garlic on breath! Eat away at 88 calories a bag this one is the best option for a flavourful low calorie snack!

Propercorn worcester sauce and tomatoes

For people that like a bit of spice in their life this fiery popcorn is for you. With a way more intense flavour than the other popcorns, the Worcester sauce and sun dried tomatoes popcorn with its a gentle but spicy kick, will leave you craving more with 93 calories in one bag. A spicy way to snack along!

Propercorn smooth peanut and almond

This one is for the peanut butter lovers out there. It’s just like having peanut butter in a bag! Instead of emptying a whole jar with your trusty spoon, this peanut butter and almond popcorn will be a way healthier option at only 120 calories a bag.

Propercorn sweet coconut and vanilla

If you’re having a craving for sweets this would be your go to healthy snack! The sweet vanilla tones will help you satisfy your craving for sweets whilst its only 121 calories bag it is the perfect way to indulge.

Single-serve and sharing packs are available from, Ocado, Whole Foods & Tesco with RRP £0.90 and £1.69.