LIFESTYLE – All the fun of the freshers’ fair!

CLEAN UP YOUR ACNE: Quite possibly the last thing you need as you make the acquaintance of your fellow freshers! Be prepared and zap that zit with Sebopure. New from UK acne brand Clarol, Sebopure works by keeping sebum production pure. Using a patented ingredient derived from wild mustard leaf oil it purifies sebum production, helping to keep pore blockages and inflammation to a minimum whilst allowing the body to process sebum naturally. Sebopure is suitable for oily or combination acne-prone skin and is a vegan product that is FREE from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI. Sebopure costs £12.95 (50ml) and is available from



QUICK RECOVERY REQUIRED? Friday night beckons but coursework pending?  Whilst drinking sensibly is always the best policy, Vie Recovery Patches may makefor the perfect drinking companion. Formulated with essential herbs, vitamins and minerals that will naturally help your body to break down alcohol, Vie Recovery Patches use transdermal technology to deliver their active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin. These include vitamin C, green tea extract, globe artichoke extract, thiamine, taurine and chromium picolinate. Simply apply a patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin before your first drink. Patches can be left on for up to 24 hours. Vie Recovery Patches cost £4.95 for six patches and are available online from


BE GONE BUGS! Can’t afford to be ill? Stuck on a bus, or a classroom full of coughing and sneezing students? Pop an ImmunPro lozenge and block all those nasties…You can thank us later! Stop germs in their tracks with Hübner’s ImmunPRO Infection Blocker (£7.95 for 15 tablets, It works by creating a physical barrier in the mouth and throat against germs and viruses and is ideal for when close contact with other people is unavoidable. Simply suck one tablet when you are at increased risk for two hours’ protection.


WAKEY WAKEY! Need that pre-lecture caffeine fix? Look no further than the NEW Belmio coffee pods. A luxury coffee brand that combines intensely rich flavours with pod-ready convenience, bringing you Belgian coffee at its best at the push of a Nespresso-shaped button. The aluminium pods are an industry first and enable the coffee to stay fresher for longer for an authentic coffee-house taste. The pods cost from £2.90 for 10 pods and are available in the UK from A 50 capsule gift pack assortment is also available, priced £16.50.