BEAUTY – A lunch-time face-lift: Harmony Clear Lift Laser

Thirty-something skin can be problematic. There are the lingering oily blemishes of yesteryear, the hint of laughter-lines and, dare I say it, crow’s feet, and an entirely new issue of open pores and uneven tone.  So what’s the answer?  The good news is that the non-surgical cosmetic treatment market is thriving, so you don’t have to make do with your bog-standard cosmetic counter routine or go under the knife. Hurrah.

After an eager peruse, I opted for Harmony Clear Lift laser at London’s Courthouse Clinic – a non-invasive lunchtime laser treatment.  It attacks several problems at once, including gaping pores, sagging skin, fine lines and dark circles – ideal for my angry complexion and late night lifestyle.

Upon arrival at the clinic staff are warm and friendly and, after accepting a cuppa, I’m led up to the treatment room by senior medical aesthetician Agnes Grzesik. Agnes is highly qualified and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to achieving flawless youthful-looking skin, so, as well as explaining the treatment to me she allows me to fire all manner of skin questions at her. It’s like having my own personal beauty guru. The laser itself takes around half an hour and clients are recommended a course of three to six for best results.

When I’m relaxed on a treatment bed Agnes cleans and preps my skin. Next, she explains to me the different settings of the laser machine, which works by dividing up light energy into fractions and targeting deep into your skin. It actually damages the dermis and encourages the production of collagen to lift and tighten the skin, which in turn improves the appearance of uneven skin tone. I feel a warm and tingly sensation at first and then find it strangely relaxing and I even doze off after a session. When she’s finished layering Agnes then treats you to a mini facial massaging in nourishing Medic8 moisturisers and sun protection into your skin, soothing you back to life.

The best part is there’s NO downtime required or huddling in your room for a week hiding your singed face from the world. Afterwards you can you wear makeup and carry on with your day as normal, at worst your skin might be a little pink. I met friends for lunch and no-one could believe I’d had anything done.  Agnes advised me not to drink alcohol or exercise for 48 hours to avoid damage or stress to the skin.  The most important thing to remember is to wear sun protection on your face, which we should all be doing anyway at all times apparently, for a couple of weeks afterwards. Otherwise, the sun’s harmful rays will undo all the magic of harmony.

Within a day my redness had cleared up and people were asking me if I’d had Botox as my skin was so smooth, bright and clear. RESULT.  I’ll absolutely be coming back again for regular Clear Lift laser AND one-on-one beauty tip sessions with the lovely Agnes.

Embrace your thirties, ladies. 


Cost £125 for one or £600 for a course.
Hannah Elizabeth, Heart London Magazine