BABIES – Teething toys to help your little one through this difficult phase

When your baby is teething they will want to put anything and everything in their mouth, toys that are specially designed for this can be very helpful. Each baby deals with the teething process differently, but I can’t imagine breaking a tooth through the gums is ever completely painless.  So we found some fun teething toys, that can be used for playtime and also help your baby when they are teething!

Alligator Teether

Fisher Price have created a wonderful range which features cute animal designs, bold colours, geometric prints and patterns.  The 100% silicone alligator teether is super soft and chewy. The bright green is perfect to get their attention and the “scale” textures are perfect for gumming, too! My little one loved the alligator, it perfect for 3 months onwards and helps to strengthen their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.


RRP: £4.99