FOOD – Flavourtown bakery launches spookiest Halloween cupcakes

[L to R: Zombicorn, Dead Velvet, Killer Clown, Mutant Pumpkin]

Everyone loves a unicorn cake but the ‘Zombicorn’ ain’t the usual pretty pink one. These green mutants have come straight from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab and are ready to cause mischief this Halloween. Madagascan vanilla sponge is baked with maggots and mould (black and green confetti sprinkles), then topped with a bleeding unicorn horn (raspberry compote). 

The ‘Dead Velvet’ is made from the famous Flavourtown red velvet sponge, scream cheese frosting, with a deliciously nasty twist – shards of edible sugar glass oozing with raspberry blood compote. If that’s not enough gore for you, then you can unleash your inner vampire with a pipette of even more raspberry blood.

Scary clowns are very topical right now and these ‘Killer Clowns’ hide a dark secret. It’s all tricks and no treats as you bite into the moist Valrhona chocolate sponge and hit a nasty green slime surprise in the centre. Is anyone brave enough to take a bite?

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin spiced cupcake with warming cinnamon and nutmeg. Each one is smothered in purple scream cheese icing and topped with a spooktacular hand-made ‘Mutant Pumpkin’ decoration.

Unlike some other bakeries, Flavourtown never compromises on quality and uses only the finest ingredients available; creamy AOP Lescure butter from France, fresh organic free-range eggs, sumptuous Valrhona and Callebeaut chocolate and premium organic flour. With incredible attention to detail, every decoration, sauce and compote is handmade in its North-West London bakery, never bought off the shelf.

Cupcakes and mini cupcakes are available to pre-order online here. Prices start from £20 for 12 mini Halloween treats and are available for delivery across London.