Heart London Magazine’s Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

It’s that time of the year again when we can show our love to family members and friends by gifting them something special. However, finding that special gift isn’t always easy. So again, this year, we bring you our annual Christmas Gift Guide with gifts we think you will love. Although, this article is aimed at women, don’t forget to check out our other guides as many of the items suggested are unisex. We have tried and tested every product to bring you the best.

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Alcatel A5 LED Mobile

The Alcatel A5 LED is the world’s first interactive LED covered Smartphone, and it’s cool, funky and easy to use! This gift is perfect for the teens in your life, but can be given to anyone who loves social media. The unique LED cover is customisable, meaning you can create and design your own LED cover patterns and themes, selecting different colours for different apps and contacts. It has fantastic selfie features with a 5MP front camera with a flash, which helps takes great photos even in the dark or low light! Just perfect for the party season, the device even comes with Face Beauty software for flawless images. Game lovers will adore this phone too, as the fast 4G LTE connectivity ensures photos, games, and movies load smoothly to the large 5.2-inch HD display. But the feature we really love is the color catcher, which lights up when you play music, with light shows and you can switch patterns with a simple shake! It also lights up with different notifications for incoming calls, messages, alarms and social media alerts. We guarantee this phone will be loved and well received, a great present and one of Heart London Magazine’s favourites! It also comes sim free, so you can use it with any network.

Available at Carphone Warehouse for £169.99

Misguided Babe Power Perfume

Get the signature scent to die for this Christmas by fashionista experts Misguided! Misguided doesn’t only make sure that you look good but smell good too. The babe power’s sensual mask, vanilla, sweet candyfloss scent is perfect for the ladies. It is perfect as it isn’t an overpowering smell as they are a mix of different flavours. The sensual mask marks it presence when the babe power is first sprayed then the sweet Candyfloss and vanilla flavour playfully comes in.

A sophisticated smell, Misguided never fails to disappoint.

Available at Boots for £28.00

So Me Brow Kit

Be your own personal make up artist this Christmas with this brand new Brow Kit from So Me. Coming with three different eyebrow stencils; chic, sexy and sublime, you will be able to take charge of your look by reading the Brow Kit instructions included in the box which specifically tell you how to perfect your look. The Reddish gold eyebrow palette comes with two blended shades and small brushes to help you flatter your brow colour, day or night.

So ladies treat yourself or your best friend, Mother, Auntie or Cousin to this brow kit. Make sure you are brow ready for all the selfies pictures to come this Christmas.

Available in Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores for £24.00



Twist and Spritz Atomizer

For anyone who has experienced the stress of having to carry their whole perfume or aftershave bottle around, making it such a task to get it out of your bag when you need a refill and putting it away again? We have the perfect gift for you this Christmas; Twist and Spritz

The Twist and Spritz fragrance atomizer is refillable fragrance atomizer which allows you to pour your aftershave or perfume from it’s bottle into a small plastic bottle contained in the atomizer and spray your choice of sent with ease instead  of rummaging to the bottom of your bag. The atomizer is 8ml, has 100 sprays and is an easy fill so there are no spillage worries with this stylish, chic atomizer.

Smell incredible this Christmas with a Twist and Spritz.

Available at The Fragrance Shop at £10.00

Bannatyne Spa Relaxing Massage Oil

You can treat yourself to a spa day without having to break your budget with this Bannatyne spa relaxing massage oil. Costing only 14.99, this relaxing massage oil contains Rosemary, Lavender and Geranium, which help you, unwind and relax after a stressful day. These three different aromas sink into your skin when it is applied and leaves your skin feeling supple and soft and helps you inhale, exhale and imagine yourself to be somewhere where you would rather be.   This product doesn’t exclude anyone’s skin type as this product is suitable of people of all skin types. So ladies and gentleman get out there and invest in a bottle of this oil. You will need it, especially with the stress of Christmas shopping, Christmas dinner and the problem of uninvited guest turning up at your Christmas dinner just around the corner.

Available on The Bannatyne Spa Website for £14.99

Lait Crème Concentre By Embryolisse Laboratories

Save yourself money this Christmas by purchasing a product that has 1 in 3 properties as a moisturizer, make up primer and moisturizing mask, courtesy of Lait crème concentre by Embryolisse Laboratories. A dermatological tested product, which is suitable for all skin types, this creams blend of acids and vitamins help deliver nutrients to the skin and helps the skin retain moisture and protect it from aggression. Once applied to the face, you see immediate results as the appearance of your face looks different, the youthful glow on your face is restored not to mention the smoothness and supple softness of your skin, which shows that this product really does work. This cream can not only be used as an ideal make up base for priming the complexion, as a moisturizer or beauty mask but it can also be used available for post shaving care. Those slightly red cuts and blisters will heal quickly with this product.

Go ahead and buy yourself this 1 in 3 product this Christmas. I promise you won’t regret it.

Available at Boots for £13.00

Spa Find Shimmer Body Collection

Get yourself ready for all the pictures and selfies this Christmas by making sure your skin looks and feels radiant. The Spa Find shimmer body collection, which includes spa products that are used by therapists in spas and salons, allows you to give yourself or someone you love a well-deserved 5 star spa treatment. The collection contains two products, Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing and Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Re-Mineralize+ HS Body Balm. The Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing product exfoliates your skin, helping you to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt contaminations. The salt doesn’t feel too rough on the skin when you use it. When finished using the salt, your skin feels soft, smooth and the fragrance of fresh Aloe Vera is embedded in your skin. The salt definitely restores your body natural glow. The body balm moisturises your skin, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and the lotion definitely protects your skin against this blistering cold, your skin doesn’t feel dry after a long day outside.

The perfect gift for your mother, girlfriend, best friend, cousin, or even yourself, you will be thanked for making someone look and feel like a million dollars.

Available at ShopForSpa at £20.00

Daughter Of The Soil Body Gift Set

The Daughter Of The Soil Body Gift set is the perfect gift for you or a special woman in your life. It suits everyone, as this product is suited for all skin types. The body gift set comes in a perfect white box with a metallic brown message engraved when you open the box. Inside the box are 3 products; The Baobab & Rooibos body wash, the Baobab & Rooibos body lotion and the Shea Body butter. The ingredient Baobab oil, which is an ingredient that comes from area with hot dry climates in Africa, encourages healthy skin regeneration and elasticity. The Rooibos ingredient increases skin metabolism and has excellent anti-aging properties, an excellent present choice for a special older woman in your life, whether it is your mum, grandma or auntie. The body wash is a light honey colour and leaves your skin feeling fresh when you have finished bathing. The body lotion, which is the colour white but also, has a slight colour of brown, leaves your skin feeling smooth and the aroma of the lotion is just perfect. The Shea body butter which gives off great white mulberries aroma   leaves you skin feeling moisturised.

Say goodbye to your old body wash and lotion, as these daughter of the soil products will leave your skin looking radiant.

Available at The Daughter Of The Soil Website for £40.00

Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweet Like Candy’ Perfume

Pink. Purple. Brown. Hot pink. These are the colours you see on the packaging of Ariana Grande’s new ‘Sweet Like Candy’ perfume. Her perfume consists of a simple yet vibrant scent. A slight sweet and fruity impression emerges. The scent isn’t overpowering which is a great thing but the scent does mark it’s presence when sprayed on skin and on clothing. After the scent settles, the smell of fresh sweet candy comes out more, the smell of pink sherbet with the hint of strawberry. Diluted strawberry. Again it is playful and innocent, symbolising Ariana’s personality.

The perfume suits girls and women of all ages. If you want perfume that is subtle, sophisticated but does mark it’s territory when it is sprayed, sweet like candy by Ariana Grande is the top sweet choice for you!

Available at Superdrug for £40.00:


Doris and Co Mugs

Rise and shine to a hot drink of coffee, hot chocolate, coffee, tea this Christmas in a mug that has sentimental value to you. Doris & Co’s make and sell handmade mugs which hold a good thought to it. You can personalize a message on a mug and pick the design to go along with it. Instead of the usual ‘Merry Christmas’ card, a Merry Christmas message on Doris & Co’s handmade mugs will definitely be more appreciated. Whether it is for your Mother, Father, Friends, Grandparents, Family, purchase a mug, add your own personalized message and watch them remember this Christmas gift from you for all the Christmases to come.

Available at Doris & Co for £19.95

VQ Retro Mini Radio

Start your Christmas party early by singing along to  well-known songs on this stylish radio. This radio is the perfect way to welcome Christmas and the New Year. The VQ retro mini radio stations range from Kiss, Kisstory, Heart London, Magic London and of course BBC, so you will be able to keep abreast of developments in the news . As we are lovers of old school music (1990-2000s), Kisstory was and always will be our choice of station. Those old school memories and those ‘Oh I remember this song’ moments. So if you are ready to get rid of your old FM radio and upgrade to a DAB radio, there are plenty of radio models to choose from. You can pick a winking doll radio, black lip radio, red lip radio, and pink hearts. These different models will be a perfect present for your daughters or nieces as they are brightly coloured and very chic. It is also a perfect Christmas gift for anyone and everyone who loves to display their singing ability whilst in the shower. It has a variety of features such as 3.5mm Aux-in, 3.5mm headphone jack and USC charging, single ultra-wide premium speaker driver (5W), VQ Lifestyle dual alarms and a sleep timer and such more! Not only is this a radio but there is also an alarm clock feature where it is convenient for you to set your alarm for   important commitments. The handle on top makes it easy for you to carry this radio everywhere. You can plug this in at home or use the radio outside with the help of 4 4xAA batteries. The radio is great, the sound quality is fantastic but make sure your reception level isn’t below acceptable level. So go out and buy this before it is too late. Get your Christmas party started!

Available at My VQ for £89.99.

Absolute Cult Star Wars Christmas Jumper

Tis the season to wear Christmas jumpers! We know that Christmas work parties and Christmas dinners are just around the corner and you are probably rummaging to the bottom of your closet to get your old Christmas jumper from last year but fear not! Absolute Cult has designed fantastic Christmas jumpers for you to make sure that you don’t miss out on the festives without looking the part. This particular jumper is perfect for you ladies. From 21.99, you can add a super galactic spirit to your Christmas jumper by purchasing a burgundy Christmas jumper with the outlines of the Star Wars characters that form a Christmas tree. Available from an XS to XL, you can snuggle comfortably this jumper. The lightweight unbrushed fleece, ragon sleeves and shaped sides seam for a feminine fit. With this being a perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, family friend, you can’t go wrong with this jumper. Let the Christmas force be with you!

Available at Absolute Cult for £34.99

Snowflake Bracelet

Surprise a loved on this Christmas by buying a Christmas themed snowflake bracelet from jewellery box. This sterling silver 7-inch snowflake bracelet is a simple yet elegant must have gift this Christmas. The snowflake design is of course very appropriate for the winter season and of course Christmas. The fine belcher chain means it feels light on your wrist at just 1.1g but is held there by a secure lobster clasp. A perfect gift for women and young girls, you will be able to catch this snowflake and keep it forever.

Available at The Jewellery Box for £6.85

Beauty Feet Socks!

Spoil your feet this Christmas with the beauty feet heel padded socks! The patented heel pad in the socks helps nurture the hard, dry and rough skin on your heel; it has herbal ingredients in the patented heel pad, giving your heel and feet the 5 star spa treatment. It is very comfortable to wear, making it not a problem to wear this daily whether you are walking around, doing the dishes or dancing on your living room. This is perfect of woman, teenage girls and older women too. You will have great comfort in knowing you will have your feet ready just in time to wear your perfect heels and dance your troubles away this Christmas.

Available at SockShop for £4.99

Dr Organic’s Hemp Oil Hand & Nail Treatment & Dr Organic Hemp Oil Skin Lotion

The cold breeze this winter is very detrimental to our skin as it causes it to dry up quickly, making it hard for our skin to produce enough moisture as it is supposed to, which is why Dr Organic Hemp Oil Nourish & Soften Gift Pack is the perfect gift for you ladies this Christmas. The soften gift pack contains two products; The Hemp Oil Skin Lotion (200ml) and The Hemp Oil Hand & Nail Treatment (100ml). The Hemp Oil Hand & Nail Treatment contains Cocoa Butter along with camphor bark oil, helping to soften, nourish and replenish your hands, restoring your nails strength and appearance. When used, it leaves your hand feeling incredibly soft and you useful see a difference as it helps restore your hands youthful glow. You also have the pleasure of inhaling the great scent of cocoa butter and camphor bark oil. The Hemp Oil Skin Lotion, which contains Aloe Vera, almond and avocado oil, plans to nourish your body, smoothing your skin and restoring your body’s healthy glow. When used, the skin lotion leaves your skin feeling subtle. Both products have a 24 hour moisture lock in. These products will help protect your skin from the cold winter and as both products have a proprietary blend of bioactive, organic and natural ingredients, you can trust this product to truly take care of your skin.

Available at Holland and Barrett for £12.00

Chelsea Low Heel Boots from Aldi


As the weather gets colder and probably wetter, it’s time to swap from our sandles into something a bit more appropriate! These flat Chelsea boots from Aldi are ideal, and importantly, are very affordable. The soft tan suede effect makes these feel and look far more expensive then they are, and they’re incredibly comfortable to walk in.

For a casual daytime look, they’re absolutely perfect paired with jeans and a warm jumper – or equally, with a cute autumnal dress. For anyone shopping on a budget, these boots are most definitely good value.

Available at Aldi for £14.99


Aldi Ladies Textured Women Dress

The dress which is part of Aldi’s Autumn/Winter fashion collection is the perfect go to piece for style. With it’s crew neck with ribbed trim, contrast neckline and side panel and short sleeves, this dress is the perfect go to piece for style this winter. The dress has soft cotton material on the dress, which will help, keep you warm during this cold windy weather. The black stripes down the shoulders and sides of the dress give the dress a perfect look for a going out dress. You can wear this dress to church as it has that conservative, sophisticated style about it. The colour of black and white and grey on this dress makes it the best choice to wear it in the office. What is perfect about this dress is that there is not too much knitted soft cotton material on the dress. There isn’t too much or too less of it. there is the right amount of this dress to be worn in the winter and in the summer.


Available at Aldi for £9.99


Aldi women’s Autumn Jeans

Have you ever wanted a pair of jeans that literally went with anything? Any type of top? Footwear? Well ladies we have the answer to your prayers! Aldi women’s Autumn jeans!

Aldi women’s Autumn jeans come from Aldi’s new Autumn/Winter fashion collection. This pair of jeans is perfect for any kind of occasion. One thing we look for whilst buying jeans is whether we could wear it with anything. These jeans do that. These jeans could be worn with high heels, a white top and dark navy blue/black blazer for the sophisticated work wear look. If you are having a girls night out, a simple elegant blouse or even a t-shirt with flat shoes, while adding jewellery to your look will make you stand out. If you are after the casual/lazy look, these jeans with a hoodie and trainers are the perfect combination. The material and quality is amazing and these jeans could be yours at a reasonable price of 9.99.

So if you want to buy a pair of jeans that go with anything and are so comfort you can confront any type of situation in it, Aldi is the best choice!


Available at Aldi for £7.99


Tiana Organic Argan Fresh Coconut TLC (Intensive Hair Treatment)


For friends or family who love natural organic products, these are just perfect! TIANA, organic and fair trade Argan fresh coconut TLC, is an intensive hair treatment.  The ingredients are 100% raw and organic, so you know what you are putting on your hair is completely natural. The added plus is TIANA do not test on animals and is vegan friendly too! Not living in a warm country the treatment needs to be gently heated, so you can massage it into your hair and scalp.  MYour hair can take a beating from London pollution, but this wonderful treatment revitalised it and left it glossy!

 Available on the Tiana Website for £12.99

Tiana, Pure Virgin Coconut Oil


TIANA, organic and fair trade pure virgin coconut oil, essential for dry skin is the last part of this beauty sensation trio. This natural product also sinks in the skin beautifully and the coconut oil keeps your skin feeling baby soft, a little also goes a long way, so it lasts a long time and saves you money. Whether you are an organic fan or not, these wonderful beauty treatments will help keep you skin soft and hair silky all winter long!

 Available on The Tiana Website for £5.89

Magnitone London Barefaced


Give the gift of beautiful skin this Christmas. With winter upon us, the cold weather can be harsh on our skin, so we have to take extra are looking after it. Magnitone London Barefaced is a vibrating daily cleansing brush for deep cleansing and a toning mode to help boost circulation. It even has a twenty second timer to remind you to move to the next area and ensure all of your face is smooth, and firm! This gift is perfect for ladies of any age, it even gives your skin a wonderful plump appearance and it is waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower.  The results speak for themselves, so if you are stuck what to get the lady in your life, look no longer.

Available for £49.99 from Argos

Burleigh Red Calico Teacup Gift Set 

As you may know, we love supporting British companies, Burleigh create stunning british pottery than make the perfect gift this and every Christmas.  They have an amazing range of Homeware, Teaware and Tableware to suit every taste, but we especially love the Teacup Gift Set.  The plate is perfect for your favourite cake or biscuits and the cup is beautifully sized, so you can enjoy a wonderful cup of tea, with a saucer, naturally. It is uniquely decorated by skilled craftsman and made with love and care. This special gift can be enjoyed for years or even generations, as it is a gift you know will be treasured. If you desire, they also have a matching teapot.  We love the beautiful red calico design, but they have a fantastic range of designs to choose from. Give the gift of enjoyment, as tea is the nations favourite drink, so why not drink it from a beautiful cup again and again.

Available from Burleigh for £42.00

Moroccan Oil, Special Edition Moroccan oil Treatment Light (100 ml) with Candle

This wonderful treatment not only enhances shine that can be lost when with hair is died, it strengthens, detangles and nourishes hair! Yes all of these benefits from one bottle.  You simply add one – two pumps to clean, towel dried hair and blow dry or leave it to dry naturally.  This wonderful oil even helps condition those annoying split ends. It contains Argan Oil with is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help restore elasticity, smoothness and manageability to hair and Linseed Extract with is derived from flaxseed, a good source of alpha linolenic acid – also an essential fatty acid that helps improve the health of hair. Give the gift of beautiful hair this Christmas, this special edition gift comes with their signature scented candle too!

Available at Feel Unique for £32.85

BrAun Iontech Satin Hair 7


Give the gift of beautiful shiny hair with the BrAun Iontech Satin Hair 7 brush.  This sturdy brush is easy to use as you simply switch it on and brush. This portable brush features natural bristles that comb through the hair, helping to fight frizz and remove static. This iontec brush has a switch that enables the active ions to be utilized by your hair while you brush. This wonderful brush works well on both straight and frizzy hair, and it gives your hair a beautiful shine. The lightweight, portable brush is also equipped with an extra soft cushion that is specically designed for a sensory experience on the scalp and enables gentle brushing without snagging your hair. It’s removable too which makes it a whole lot easier to clean. A great present for anyone!

Available at Look Fantastic for £29.99

Eylure Most Wanted Eyelashes


Eylure have a fantastic eyelashes to get you ready for the party season, a well as perfect presents (who doesn’t like beautiful lashes), they make great stocking fillers too!  There are four different style in the range from wispy lashes with a corner flick (#Feed The Need) and lashes with tapered ends (Lust List), to velvety lashes (I Heart This). Heart London Magazine’s favourite are the Lust List, as although they are beautifully full, they look natural too. The lashes are made from premium synthetic fibres, so if you take care of them, you can wear them again and again.


Available for £11.95 from Boots and Eylure


Phil Smith Livin’ La Vida Coca Gift Set


This wonderful gift set can be given to ladies of all ages, the smell alone is simply divine.  The Phil Smith set contains a Coco Licious Coconut Oil Conditioner, Coco Licious Coconut Oil Shampoo, Coco Licious Dry Shampoo and Hold Up! Gentle Tie Ponytailers. The shampoo contains coconut fruit extract and helps give a boost of weightless moisture and a nourishing cleanse for super soft and shiny hair. Experience the hydrating wonders of coconut oil with this lightweight conditioner, it will help give your hair a shine and when you are on the go use the Dry Shampoo, which shampoo blitzes oily roots, leaving hair feeling clean, full of life & tropically scented. Not forgetting the hair ties which are gentle to the hair. Gift the gift of beautiful hair!


Available from Sainsbury’s for £8.50


Stunning Silver Jewellery from Jewellerybox.co.uk


Gifting sterling silver jewelry can be costly, but let’s be honest who doesn’t love jewelry. Not only can it be worn all through the party season and beyond, it can be kept and passed on through generations. Jewellerybox.co.uk have an amazing range of quality jewelry at affordable prices and not just sterling silver, they have gold and rose gold too.  We adore this stunning classic silver locket and chain, which is amazing value at £20.00 and it includes free delivery. The beautiful oval engraved locket can be engraved and opens to store photos of your loved one’s.  With classic style and an attractive price, you can give the gift of beautiful sterling silver jewelry this Christmas.

 Available at Jewellery Box from £19.00

JML Direct Copper Stone Pans


These amazing pans make the perfect present for avid cooks or those who enjoy cooking without food sticking to the pan.  Not only are these copper stone pans easy to use, non stick and scratch resistant, they are also stylish. They have been created with Ultra non stick technology, are super hard wearing, have a stainless steel base, a moulded wood effect handle, super hardwearing construction, a forged aluminium core and offer dynamic heat dispersion. We may have these listed in our ‘For Her’ guide, but anyone would love these stunning pans from JML Direct.

Available at JML Direct for £19.99 – £29.99


Touch London Three Colourway Scarf


Touch London has created a three colourway scarf, which makes the perfect present for any ladies in your life. There are three available, with different mixed colours and they are made from a soft yarn, which makes them comfortable to wear. The scarf can be worn displaying one of the three colour combinations, or all three together. This gives the wearer a creative way to enhance many outfits with one piece, therefore making it the perfect accessory. This wonderful scarf can set off any outfit and keep you warm all winter long. 

Available at Touch London for £69.00

Ghost Sweetheart Forever Perfume


Who doesn’t love a fragrance for Christmas and this beautiful perfume is subtle enough to appeal to many ladies or all ages. Sweetheart forever is a captivating floral fragrance. Bursting with blooms of delicate rose and white flowers, it follows the unique path of these lovers, leaving an oriental woody trail. Teamed with fruity cassis, zesty orange and delicate lychee top notes, you’re left besotted. A gift you can guarantee that will be very well received.

Available at Boots for £25.00 (100 ml)

Nivea Luscious Lips


Luscious Lips is the right name for this beautiful product, it will keep your lips luscious and kissable all winter long. We would even go as far to say this is a must have, especially before embarking on any kissing under the mistletoe as your lips can take quite a battering in the winter.  This gift pack includes lovely new Nivea Red Lip Butter, which is a red-tinted lip balm, just perfect for party season.  They also include a yummy smelling Blueberry Blush that smells divine and has a slight pink hue. They haven’t forgotten the classics as the Original Care and Pearly Shine Lip Balms are also included in this beautiful set.

Available from Superdrug for £5.00

Nivea Mini Treats 


These Nivea Mini Treats make a great stocking filler or gift to a friend, it includes the Nivea Soft cream, moisture soft shower cream, pearly shine lip balm and moisturising cream.  Nivea is a name you can trust and is loved by everyone, so you really can’t go wrong with this beautiful gift set.

Available from Ebay at £7.57

Bannatyne Spa Nourishing Cleanser

Bannatyne have a great range of affordable spa products to keep your skin soft and fresh all winter long. The Bannatyne Spa Nourishing Cleanser hydrates and revitalises your skin, it also glides into the skin with ease and leaves your skin fresh and clean. Simply Use morning and evening, apply with fingertips and gently massage into the skin. Remove using damp cotton pads and rinse with water before applying Nourishing Toner. 

Available at Bannatyne for £9.99

Bannatyne Spa Nourishing Toner

The Bannatyne Spa Nourishing Toner leaves your skin feeling both toned and moisturised. This product is perfect for the winter, when your skin can take a battering from the wind and cold air. Help get your skin party perfect with this great toner. Simply use morning and evening. After cleansing close your eyes and lightly spritz all over the face and neck. Leave to dry or remove excess with cotton pads. 

Available at Bannatyne for £9.99

Bannatyne Nourishing Moisturiser

Ensure your skin is visibly softer with the Bannatyne nourishing moisturiser, this is perfect to use after the Cleanser and Toner for perfect looking skin.  The tube is generously sized, so will last you a while and the cream has a light scent. This product sinks into the skin well and leaves you ready to fight the cold, whilst looking good for the part season. Simply apply a small amount every morning and evening to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck. 

Available at Bannatyne for £15.99

Body on Demand 20 Min Body Boost Bath Prep


Making sure you look good from head to toe for the party season starts with your body, so why not get a little helping hand to help reduce that bloated feeling.  Body on Demand have created bath salts that help reduce excess water and help you get into that little black dress. You simply bathe in the bath salts for 20 minutes and they will help you back to feeling sexy AF! Who wouldn’t want that? A great gift!

Available at Look Fantastic for £9.99 

Body on Demand Every Day Body Boost Sorbet


After bathing in the bath salts, give yourself subtle soft skin with the Body Boost Sorbet. It helps tighten and smooth the skin, so you can look as they say Sexy AF for the Christmas party season. Simply smooth into your skin and hydrate it, another fantastic gift any lady would love! 

Available from Look Fantastic for £14.99   

TrackR pixel and Bravo 

Who is guilty of losing keys, everyone I would imagine.  So save yourself time, but adding a TrackR to your phone or keys and never lose them again! You can even find your mobile when it is on silent with a press of a button! They have different options, some of which can hung on your key or stick on your phone. You simply download the app and add your device or item. They are elegantly designed to be the ultimate tracker to find all your lost items, such as wallets, phones and keys. Simply attach to your valuables and download the free app on your phone. You will be able to locate your items in a 100 foot radius, and the app has a hot or cold feature to help you pin point even more quickly.


TrackR Bravo Silver is available from Halfords for £25.00


TrackR pixel Tracking Device (3 pack) available at Argos for £49.99


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castle Soap


We love this soap, a little goes a very long way, it makes a beautiful soap and it is organic! It can be used as a cleaning soap, baby soap or for you! This is just delightful, for you it can used as a handwash or bodywash. It is available in peppermint, lavender, citrus, rose, tea tree, scent free for babies and eucalyptus, ensuring there really is a scent for everyone! This soap makes a great present or stocking filler.

Available at Dr Bronner for £13.99