DRINK – Perfect Party Tipples

As we are getting close to our favourite time of year, New Years Eve! Here are some perfect party tipples, to help your party go with a swing. They also make fantastic Christmas presents.

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey

This delicious whiskey has warm notes of vanilla, it is soft to the palate, with a nice finish and a welcome woody taste. It’s packed to the brim with flavour and it is as versatile as a bourbon can get! This delicious drink is beautiful when made into a cocktail. If you are new to whiskey or just starting out, the Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey is perfect to share at any gathering. This is a great drink to help bring in the New Year or enjoy for the holidays with friends or alone.

Available at for at Masters of Malt for £31.94

Patrón Silver

If you love tequila then for us, Patrón Silver is the only one to buy and we guarantee it will go down well at any celebration. All of Patrón’s tequilas are distilled from 100% Weber blue agave in the highlands of Jalisco. The agave piñas are harvested at around 8 years of growth and sent to the nearby Hacienda Patrón distillery to begin the process of making tequila. This tequila is smooth, with a peppery kick and when you drink it, you will see why it is the favourite of many. Although it is delicious in a cocktail, for us the only way to drink Patrón is straight. You can get any party started with this must have party drink. If you like it as a gift, then the stunning limited edition tin makes a one of a kind gift that can be kept forever.

Available at Tesco for £20.00

Warninks Advocaat

This beautiful festive drink has been around for many years and is making a come back. It can be enjoyed over ice or to make one of our all time favourites, the Snowball. This delicious liqueur from Warninks is made with egg yolks, sugar, brandy and vanilla. It is very tasty and the ultimate festive drink! It almost tastes like eggnog with a kick, only creamier and tastier. Christmas without Warninks Advocaat is like Halloween without trick or treat. Warninks Advocaat is a delicious thick liqueur, that we can’t recommend highly enough!

Available at Tesco for £10.00