LIFESTYLE: Ten tips to help you this Veganuary

It’s a lifestyle trend that has converted even the most devoted carnivores. Yes, it’s plant-based living! With Veganuary round the corner, have a read of these ten tips and tricks and join the masses.

  1. Have an open mind
    Don’t see veganism as a punishment or a form of deprivation. It’s an exciting lifestyle change that will leave you feeling better, the animals happier and the environment healthier. Veganuary is a chance to get creative and experiment with new flavour combinations and ingredients. Don’t worry if you mess up once or twice; it’s a learning curve that is bound to have its ups and downs.
  2. Do your homework
    Use those lazy days in between Christmas and New Year to do some research into Veganuary. Get excited and see it as a personal challenge! Make a weekly meal plan to cut down on time spent shopping and prepping meals and make your mark in the kitchen with a vegan masterpiece.
  3. Bake it fun!
    Going vegan doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favourite baked treats. With natural healthy alternatives from The Groovy Food Company, such as their Organic Coconut Sugar, range of Agave Nectars and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, you can still bake up a storm in the kitchen and continue to keep your colleagues happy! Why don’t you give these delicious, (totally vegan) Almond Butter Brownies a go?
  4. Document your journey
    By creating a blog or Instagram page for Veganuary, you can engage with others that are experiencing the same hurdles. It’s also a great way to share recipes and restaurant recommendations. Who knows? You may end up making some new friends from the experience.
  5. Reinvent your kitchen cupboards
    Give your kitchen cupboards a post-Christmas makeover and fill it with delicious vegan sauces and condiments. There’s no need to say goodbye to your favourites, as Mr Organic has an incredibly varied range of delicious offerings such as Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Egg-Free Mayonnaise and No Added Sugar Italian Ketchup.
  6. Eat out!
    With veganism’s rise in popularity, vegan-friendly restaurants have popped up all over the UK. Whether it be Brighton or Manchester, Bristol or Glasgow, the choice is yours! Don’t forget, your favourite chains also make great vegan dishes! Restaurants such as Wagamama, Zizzi, Nando’s and Las Iguanas have all your bases covered.
  7. Stay hydrated
    It’s well known that drinking water is great for your energy levels, skin and your body’s overall health. AQUA Carpatica produces the world’s only nitrate-free and low sodium mineral water that contains natural electrolytes which are essential for keeping the body regulated and balanced.
  8. Strength in numbers
    Why do Veganuary alone? Get your friends on board for the month and do it together. It gives you guys an excuse to meet, cook for each other and have a catch up!
  9. Keep it cool
    Get on board with Açaí this Veganuary! The hottest superfood is extremely versatile and great at fighting bacteria, improving skin health and heart function. Sambazon have produced two unique products that can be used straight from the freezer, blended as an Açaí bowl, smoothie or as an ice lolly. You can make those Açaí bowls extra delicious AND Instagrammable by adding delicious toppings such as fruit and granola.
  10. Avoid obvious convenience foods
    Sadly, ready-made vegan pizza just doesn’t cut it! Did you know that Strong Roots do loads of healthy, vegan friendly bites? Their Roasted Beetroot Wedges, Oven Baked Sweet Potato and Spinach Bites are enough to curb your cravings and require minimal effort to prepare!