DRINK – Introducing this summer’s must-have drink – Most Wanted Lightly Sparkling Pinot Grigio in a 200ml can serving

With summer just around the corner, what will be this year’s ‘it’ drink? The one you must grab when enjoying an afternoon in a beer garden or at a BBQ… Say hello to Most Wanted’s NEW lightly sparkling pinot grigio (available in white and pink) which is served in a convenient 200ml can. The canned wine market has really taken off in the US and as usual, what’s been a hit stateside, looks set to capture the imagination of the UK. In fact, Nielsen reported a 125% sales increase for wine in cans in the US for the year to June 2016, and a sevenfold increase since 2012. This rise shows no sign of slowing down and is being reinforced by the launch of canned wine here in the British market.

It’s not just women that love sparkling and rosé wine, men love it too. And, it seems the UK is following in the footsteps of the US, Brazil, Russia and Australia by getting behind the brosé trend*, as nearly a quarter (24%) of men surveyed said they’d prefer to drink pink sparkling over white.

What’s more, millennials continue their obsession with all things pink as over half of those aged 18-29 prefer sparkling pink wine compared to white (53%). It’s not for nothing that there’s an actual colour called Millennial Pink…We may be a nation of sparkling wine lovers and serving it a can is perfect to enjoy on the commute home and at summer parties, but will you choose pink or white this summer? Most Wanted sparkling cans cost £2.25 per can or £8.00 for a four can pack, available in Morrisons.