BEAUTY – Unconventional healing energy facials

Nestled in a cobbled courtyard in Notting Hill I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to visit the Lucerne Clinic for my energy healing facial with Tony Aspin. But as he welcomes me in with a smile and calming aura I felt instantly at ease, despite being slightly flustered after getting a little lost.

We sat down in his chilled white treatment room and Toby, a qualified Pranic Practitioner, explained his bespoke cosmic facelift to me – I would have half an hour healing and half an hour doing Face-Chi, a facial rejuvenation. At no point would his hands touch my face and no products would be used. Arguably, all rather mind-boggling, so it’s best not to overthink the ins and outs.

To some, this might sound a little far-fetched, but I have encountered reiki before, with its inexplicable powers, and am prepared to believe and go in with an open mind – a necessary factor to the results.

I lay fully clothed on a spa bed and Toby turned on some soothing music. I felt very comfortable and calm as I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting my worries drift away until I I had settled into an almost dreamlike state. It was at this point that the magic happened. I felt a series of warm and cooler air spots over my face, neck and chest, as well as tugging on my shoulder. It was sensual and allowed me to clear my mind, letting pivotal thoughts and visions float to the forefront. At one point I even felt emotional, like a weight had been lifted.

During the second half, Toby quietly explained he would be concentrating his energies over my face, healing my open pores and plumping my skin.
Before the session, he told me: “Some clients notice it looks like they have had botox afterwards.” This was a much more natural and painless alternative, with the idea of clearing your mind as well. I have to admit when the session ended, as Toby warmly hugged me goodbye, I was strangely tired and groggy like I wanted to go back and sleep.

“I treat a cross section of society,” Toby explained. “Lawyers and bankers to stay-at-home mums and their husbands. Some clients don’t want to talk and are happier to sit down and get to work.”

A few days later I felt recharged, positive and less stressed, the circles under my eyes are lighter and a colleague asked if I’d had lip filler. The penny has dropped, my calming my inner self, my outer shell has followed suit. Whatever Toby has done, it has worked and has left me wanting more.

Toby charges £100 for a 35-minute session, including consultation. For details visit